FIFA-FAT Limitation in FIFA 08

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solidsnake123;2413597 said:
i create a new zdata name zdata_44 with biggui and import 1gf faces of fifa 07 in this folder i copy paste this folder into fifa 08 data folder then i rebuild with fatbh builder but this happen with faces
i have installed alot of faces in fifa 07 but this thing never happened once.

These are graphic problems due to regeneration of fatbhbuilder. I have the same problems with fifaFS, after a substitution. I think these tools are not already perfect in regenerating the fat ;)


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My Faces working correctly to!

I´ve deleted the t212 files out of zdata40 - 43, create a new zdata and import over 700 Faces!

Then I run Fifa.fat Rebiulder from monkeydragon - it works without a problem!


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I have deleted t212 files and copy them in a folder and i put that folder in fifa08/data directory.
But my game crashed after that.
Anyone plzz help.
Where should i put those files and how should i handle them??
Help plzzzzzzzzzzzz


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After some elaborate testing another update:

the adboards files (t223__XX.fsh) which are already in the game (ids 0 - 32 and 99 for friendly games in "kick off") CAN be put into the FIFA 08 main folder and be deleted from the zdatas. However, newly added adboard-ids (f. ex. between 33 - 98) HAVE to be added to the zdatas, otherwise the game will crash when loading a match in manager mode where the exact adboard-ids are used (not only id 99 as in "kick off").

After importing my faces my FIFA-FAT is at 262 kb now and the game is working fine.

The banners are called "t13..." if I remember correctly. The easiest way to delete files from the FIFA 08-zdatas is using a delete script in FIFAFS 5.1.3.

Results so far: you CAN delete t212...-files (unknown use), t223...-files (adboards; ids 0 - 32, 99), t13..-files (banners) and other superfluous stuff (f. ex. referees-faces not used, ids below -1006) and put those files - if needed, you don't have to put t212-files or unused ref-faces there, just delete them! - into the FIFA 08 main folder in order to save space in the FIFA-FAT.


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The problem that will arise when putting stuff in the root folder is that those graphics won't appear in the future editor programs like CM08 and CC08, anyway Fifa08 is a real mess, looks like they went backwards instead of upgrading 07.


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I redused my FAt deleting t212. files from some zdata and then install faces but some of them dont work in fifa And why all faces only installed into zdata_01 ?

Write pls the best way for install all faces correctly