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Also, I ask the expert @Supernova wasn't there a way to override the attributes using the cl.ini file? This would allow to make less edits to the DB by @AndreaPirlo21 and let him focus on the technical stuff
PS: Is there a way I can contribute to this? I wanted to make a custom soundtrack, but I have some programming skills, not much maybe, but I think I can work with LUA files
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Thanks for the info. I'm likely not going to add 6v6 but will definitely look into fixing subs. Is swapping players on the field not working properly? Last time I checked, I thought moving a player onto the field from far away didn't cause any bugs (only subbing a player in for another player did).

As far as traits, I've already tried Technical Dribbler and all it does really is cause players with the trait to strafe dribble more often, which to me looks odd and doesn't contribute to the flow of the game. I can add it in again for my next round of testing though.
Have you seen a single skillmove performed? Either my cl.ini disabled it (hope not) if skills were performed in the default game, or skills just aren't executed at all, which would be much harder to fix.

Lastly, anything you can contribute to the mod is much appreciated. Right now, there are LUA source files for the mod up on GitHub if you want to peruse the code and make edits. It's a bit messy right now, I'll admit, but hopefully the comments will help you get a handle on what's going on.

Thanks for all your work testing, and I hope you've enjoyed the mod thus far.
Hello everyone. I'm sorry about the lack of updates on my end -- I've been pretty busy and won't have enough time to get out a substantial release until mid-December. However, yesterday I was able to fix the ball physics problem I mentioned earlier and also tweak the ball size, heaviness, and augment the Magnus effect. It's a pretty substantial difference and adds a bit of error by default to passes and shots.

I'll try to get out a mini-release on GitHub by tomorrow if I have the time, but if not, it will be included with all the other planned changes in mid-December.
Quick update:
- Renaming the mod FIFA Freestyle 16 to better capture the unfettered gameplay
- Got the penalty shootout bug and a 2ET kickoff bug fixed. You can find the latest cheat table with these changes on Github (Workspace folder -> FIFA Futsal 16 -> Download -> save as .ct (not .txt)):
- The changelist for the upcoming release now stands as:

- PrinceDiman2018's Manchester Park
- Different base database
- [DONE] Ball physics changes (if goalie ball-prediction logic is fixable)
- [DONE] Inclusion of both Street UI resolution sizes in one .exe
- [DONE] Ball out-of-play (OOP) rule toggler with hotkey
- [DONE] Fix to situations when half does not end properly and players are not present for PKs

I'll work on a database update, polish the half-ending mechanism some more, and attempt to tackle the skillmoves issue in the coming days.
Thanks to Damien and the FIFA Infinity Team, we'll also be looking at converting files from the FIFA 13 version of the mod to achieve the best possible street football experience.

If anyone has any more suggestions and bugs that they'd like to report, please let me know.
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So the goal it's in its normal place and the games are unplayable, I made sure that the options in the CT table AND db file are matched.
So the goal it's in its normal place and the games are unplayable, I made sure that the options in the CT table AND db file are matched.
Ok, so by unplayable, do you mean that the in-game goal size does not properly correspond to the chosen option in the .ct? Or is it some other bug?

Also, my apologies if you've been having issues with the "FIFA Futsal 16" -- I accidentally uploaded two files with the same name. The .ct file should work if you're not already using that one.


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Now the game doesn't launch at all... it always "works" the first time after a regen, closing a game and reopen it causes it to ctd at start
Now the game doesn't launch at all... it always "works" the first time after a regen, closing a game and reopen it causes it to ctd at start
That's odd. The only file you've added is the .ct file right? All the other files (MW mod, db, etc.) should be the same, so no regeneration is needed. Also, can you try reopening the cheat table each time you restart FIFA? There might be a bug which retains user-defined symbols so that might be causing the crash, but let me know what happens if you reopen and run the LUA script each time you restart the game.
Happy New Year, everyone! After some delay, version is ready to go:


- Included smaller changes from 1.0.3
- Manchester Park added courtesy of PrinceDiman2018
- New base database (Nov. 26, 2018) thanks to scouser09
- Heavier ball physics, slightly more curve on shots, passes
- Fixed halftime-end bug

- Fixed player repositioning for penalties
- Added OOP hotkey for use with Manchester Park
- Auto-select Skills UI resolution based on FIFA 16 resolution
- Realtime update of GUI options when using hotkeys
- Fixed Skills UI toggler
- Fixed hotkey activation messages
- Fixed crashes related to improper unregistering of symbols

1. Download the main directory files and extract to your FIFA 16 folder
2. Download and extract any graphics files you wish to use from scouser09's thread:
3. Regenerate your files
4. Download the .exe or .ct from the GitHub link below
5. Open the .exe or .ct
6. Start FIFA 16
7. Use the hotkeys or GUI buttons to change your settings
8. Enable the mod after the language selection screen appears

More details can be found here:

Main directory files:
Executable file (also on GitHub):

If you have any questions about the installation process or have any bugs to report, please post here.