FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)


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UPDATE - 22/01/2020
Final testing is being done now. The first release is still on course to be released in January.
1. Is this the full version, not the beta?
2. Will the new Serie A a logo reflect the patch career mode for the 19-20 season?
3. If the update is released in January, is it likely to be released this week?


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3. If the update is released in January, is it likely to be released this week?
Holy crap!... there are literally 8 days left in January, it'll be sometime before then, just leave @HarryBullZak alone for crying out loud. What the hell is the big rush? He said, January. You don't need more clarification than that. That's the problem with this place. Gimme, gimme, gimme. And it's why good modder people like @regularcat , @paulv2k4 and others have left.


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Although i understand that people can't wait anymore, it seems they just can't get that this is not a paying job and HBZ is doing this as a hobby and to make us poor sods happy and that's it.

You are not going to pay for it and it will be free. Least you can do is just shut your mouth and say thank you when he finishes and uploads the final version.

You are did a very good job. Health to your hands. <3
it just doesn't translate to English :D


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@HarryBullZak you are doing great but I have a question is refree kits works with lua I have some germany refree kits I want to use them but It crashes your previous mod. Please help me


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And another question from me Harry. Will it be possible to receive job offers from regions other than Europe, if I'm currently playing with European team?


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I just thought, "huh is this the day, perhaps?" to myself and checked the site. Just 1 minute late. That's it, i'm a prophet or something.