FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)

Harry BullZak

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There are no new faces at the moment.
I tried the career mode, no problems appear but star leagues crash giving. There are eye errors. Boots are error. There is no problem other than that.
I do not have these files at the moment. They will be updated in the future.
I did exact same as the readme file says but as some of them said, the game closes after Messi's screensaver. And I did use File Master to regenerate.
Ok. Leave this with me I will try to find the cause. Please also check the installation again, please.


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I did exact same as the readme file says but as some of them said, the game closes after Messi's screensaver. And I did use File Master to regenerate.
I have already reinstalled a couple of times the game, and different versions, but never the game is launched, is very upset...............


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I read that you recommend using File Master. I´m reinstalling the game and the patch, i´ll try using file master, hopefully it works

Harry BullZak

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@HarryBullZak I wonder if the jerseys are in beta because fenerbahce jerseys are bad :D (Y)
When you say bad, do you mean old kits? They should be the kits from FIFA 20.
Oh my my! I uninstalled, reinstalled and regenerated again, and guess what it's FCKIN WORKING like a charm!

Thank you so fckin much @HarryBullZak
@HarryBullZak, here people write that it is possible to install a new patch on top of your past patch 18/19. Whether so it?
If you have experience then yes, mods can be merged. This new mod can be merged with my old HBZ mod, Moddingway mod etc BUT if you're not a modder then NO.
This is FIFA Infinity Patch BETA not HBZ Mod. It should be installed on a clean FIFA 14 installation.


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FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (FIP 14 - 19/20 Edition)

UPDATE - 17/02/2020
I have really sad news. Unfortunately, my laptop was stolen during a business trip last week. Sadly, for some reason, google sync on that laptop also didn't work so the initial release files are also gone. I have lost everything - software, excel files (which are a big deal), faces, kits, stadiums, balls, all the new boots I created, gkgloves, all the new wipes I had created which I didn't even get a chance to show you, the new themes. I have lost absolutely everything. Worse than all that I have also lost a massive amount of my personal stuff. I am gutted.

The good news is that the database and compdata files I can get from other testers. With about a days work that will be ready for release but everything else is gone. So I am now left with a dilemma as to what to do as it is going to take weeks and many. many hours to get anywhere near where I was.

Maybe I can release a beta version with all the nice stuff removed and the nice stuff later. What do you guys think?

UPDATE 2 - 17/02/2020
I have had some luck! I have found in a different folder on my google drive the latest version of the database and the dlc folder. I must have copied them there by mistake. A happy mistake. :D There are also some files like league logos and miniheads. Also the new accessory files I edited, adboards, banners, balls, player tattoos, and flags. :)

There are also face files too, but everything else in the sceneassets folder after the "flag" folder is missing. This means that I need to gather all the kits, kit fonts, and numbers, trophies, and stadiums.

All of the new boots I created are gone. Which is horrible. :( I will try to find the boots from last seasons mod and update with new boots that other people have created. I am gutted about the boots especially because none of the active bootmakers would help me make any new boots for FIFA 14 so I did them all myself. Lots of wasted hours. I don't think I will update these before I release the BETA.

I have a backup on a hard drive which isn't too old, so I can use the faces folder I have to help me find any missing starheads. These will be added later.

The theme is completely gone. :( That theme was awesome so this is really disappointing. I will probably make it again later.

All of the updated stadiums are gone. For now, I am not going to worry about stadiums.

Please find below download links for the BETA version of the mod. This is not the full version of the mod. Read previous updates for reasons why.

The beta does not include Tournament mode and is only available in English language only.

Read the READ ME file within the download for installation instructions, including how to activate the additional leagues.

DOWNLOAD - Google Drive

  • FIFA 20 database and 4th October 2019 Squad file converted to FIFA 14 format - COMPLETE
  • Rebuild dlc competition files - COMPLETE
  • Update Revolution mod files and scripts - COMPLETE
  • Update loc files - COMPLETE
  • NEW - compdata changes - COMPLETE
  • Update Manager assignments - COMPLETE
  • Update stadium assignments - COMPLETE
  • Replace generic players - COMPLETE
  • UEFA Champions League - 19/20 season teams & kits - COMPLETE
  • UEFA Europa League - 19/20 season teams & kits - COMPLETE
  • Brazil Serie A - 19 season teams & kits - COMPLETE
  • NEW - Fixing schedules - COMPLETE
  • NEW - Final career mode testing - COMPLETE
  • Russia Premier Liga - 19/20 season teams & kits - COMPLETE
  • New kits with correct number colours - COMPLETE
  • Rebuild HBZ Mod (player growth, retirement, player values and more) - COMPLETE
  • Apply updated db from Infinity Team - COMPLETE
  • Graphics pack:
    • New balls (reduce ball size) - COMPLETE
    • Apply updated competition logos - COMPLETE
    • Apply new minifaces - WORKING
  • NEW - Apply latest squad file & update transfers for some of the non-F20 teams
  • Test FI software & scripts
  • First release
  • NEW - Wipes
  • NEW - Scoreboards & popups
  • NEW - Player faces
  • NEW - STADIUM pack
  • NEW - Apply FIP14 Theme
  • NEW - Add Nintendo Switch faces to mod with non-shiny hair
  • NEW - Boots
  • NEW - gkgloves
  • New kit numbers
  • NEW - International kit updates
  • January transfer updates
  • Updated boots, balls, banners, and other graphics
  • NEW - FIFA 20 Copa Libertadores update applied to patch (April 2020)
  • MLS - 20 Season update
  • Brazil Serie A - 20 Season update
scouser09 (db, scripts, kits, testing)
Nafer (db, testing)
Damien (db & cover art)
mita996 (Switch graphic files)
Mishuk (Switch additional files)
pao4ever (kits, balls)
Johnny28ua (additional balls)
shaLovlyandiya35 (RPL testing)
czeBOY (testing)
AJ007 (miniheads)

Known bugs: Trophy -
Issue with Trophy showing up as a league in Career mode 'Other leagues' tab. This is a bug in the game itself that recognizes Groups as League structures if there aren't any proceeding rounds of games. As this isn't a game-breaking issue, and the tournament works as expected I have no plan to fix this currently.

@HarryBullZak when you get loc for the rest of the languages ?