FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)


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Wow... despite your tech problems, despite the annoying comments, despite losing your previous work, you've delivered this in astonishing time and in incredible quality. A million thanks. Really, people should be very appreciative and recognise your efforts. I will try it out today. Thank you!
Absolutely I agree!

Harry BullZak

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I will be taking a break over this weekend as I have spent many free hours getting this out as quickly as possible.

I will upload some new tutorials on youtube, also supply some software and also write some guides on my return.

Please leave feedback either here or on the Discord server in the FIP14 section:


  • Public BETA release - COMPLETE
  • v2.00 - pre-winter transfers - COMPLETE
  • BREAK - Back w/c 9th March 2020
  • v2.01 - fixes
  • v2.10 - post-winter transfers
  • v2.11 - post-winter transfer fixes
  • v2.20 - Copa Libertadores release
  • v2.21 - Copa Libertadores fixes
  • (Possible) v2.30 - MLS 2020 update
  • (Possible) v2.30 - Brasileiro 2020 update
  • (Possible) v3.00 - FIFA 2021 update
TASKS - First release - fixes (v2.01)
  • TBC
Please check the following post for regular updates
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Hey mate, can you make a video tutorial for the Tournament manager? How does that work ? What can we do with this progam?

Edit: I understand how to use for tournament UEFACL qualifying.
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[QUOTE = "HarryBullZak, post: 6583752, membro: 203483"] FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v2.0
(Mod FIP 14 / HBZ - Edizione 19/20)

-Tutti i campionati e le squadre tra cui Brasileirão, Super League cinese, 3. Liga tedesca, J1 giapponese e Liga I. rumena
-Rosters (dal file della squadra di dicembre 2019).
-Kit numeri e font dei nomi.
-Mini facce.
-Loghi di squadra, campionato e torneo.
-Finanza (budget, commissioni di trasferimento, montepremi).
-Loghi 3D utilizzati nelle salviette replay.

-Russian Premier League (non in FIFA 20).
Super League greca.
-Ceca Fortuna Liga.
-Nuovo resto delle squadre mondiali, comprese tutte le squadre mancanti dalla fase a gironi 19/20 CL e EL.
-Nuove squadre nazionali.

-Tutti i nomi generici delle squadre, i nomi dei tornei, i loghi e i kit sostituiti con quelli reali.
-Tutte le squadre della UEFA Champions League e della UEFA Europa League del 19/20 hanno dei veri e propri kit da competizione. La maggior parte delle squadre CL UEFA ha numeri di kit reali.
- Kit arbitri per alcuni campionati.
-Real kit numeri per alcune squadre.
-Real patch patch per competizioni UEFA.
-Nuovi tabelloni pubblicitari.
-Nuove palle.
-Revolution Mod 14 inclusa.

-Attiva ulteriori campionati giocabili
-Codici modalità Carer (impostazione predefinita). Possibilità di modificare i tornei disponibili.
-Dati in modalità torneo (tornei aggiuntivi in modalità torneo, la modalità carriera non funzionerà). Disponibili variazioni di gruppo reali o casuali, anche CL, inclusi tutti i turni di qualificazione e solo le finali del torneo.

HarryBullZak - Patchmaking, Database, Grafica, Stivali, Guanti, Facce, Palline, Tema
scouser09 - Database, kit, grafica, software, script
Nafer - Database, Grafica
Mogolos - Database, kit, mini kit
Damien - Database, grafica, opere d'arte
pao4ever - Database, palline, stivali, minikit
Makispla - Database, kit, mini kit
DecoRuiz - Database, kit, mini kit
dogfood09 - Database
Roman Hovorka - Database
RALE - Volti, test
HenriqueMota34 - Facce
Lagwagon93 - Facce
Ealixo - Facce
risaju95 - Facce - Kit, Minikit
Semhsdorf11 - Kit, mini kit
The Crew - Kits, Minikits
diazjesux - Kit, Minikit
carrasco1live - Kit, Minikit
victorhugob15 - Kit, mini kit
Pedro10do7 - Kit, mini kit
Josepa94 - Kit, mini kit
Robmar85 - Kit, schede
L77 - Kit
OlliX - Kit
Emi Stark - Kit, Minikit
diavolo 9 - Kit
Rorschach - Kit, Minikit
Caio Morais - Kit, Minikit
DjonatanJG - Kit, mini kit
Lusitania_15 - Kit
df10 - Kit
Voleck - Kit
ZiJeSrbin - Kit
TonyKroos - Kit
Cappo92 - Kit
FifaMan017 - Kit
spica 2019 - Kit
Diegote - Kit
riesscar- Kits, Balls
Ovide - Minikit
AJ007 - Mini teste
Johnny28ua - Balls
Anamorph - Adboards, Graphics
achiles1919 - Adboards
ivansoto18 - Adboards
rique - Adboards
luiz_fer - Adboards
uomomagnetico - Adboards, Banners
DrDoooMuk - Adboards
Pistolitas - Adboards
The Danish - Adboards
PaoloDNY - Adboards
tokke001 - Pacchetto di avvio
nabo78 - Stivali, pacchetto di avvio
eddyedwards1075 - Stivali
Nikhit - Stivali
pillowbiter - Stivali
john_shadow8 - Stivali
mrBear1991 - Stivali
xuskan: stivali
Hemiunu - Stivali
mh25 - Stivali
Alex_10 - Stivali
Ayoub AS7 - Stivali
rotta - Stivali
vito - Balls
christophe83460 - Grafica
Leandro Ariagno - Grafica
graysky - Grafica
darrek1988 - Grafica
Prodigo - Tatuaggi
Ferpock - Tatuaggi
eafh - Popups
mita996 - Estrazione file
JORDINA JESSE - Estrazione di file
yokaido - Estrazione file
La procedura guidata - Estrazione file
Mishuk - Estrazione di file
kimonos - Test
shaLovlyandiya35 - Test
czeBOY - Test
Rinaldo - Master di creazione, Master DB, FifaLibrary16.dll


Utilizzo del Torneo Manager
Attivazione della lingua turca

Unisciti al nostro server discord per lasciare feedback, bug e ottenere supporto su questa mod e altro ancora. [/ QUOTE]

please boot manager download?


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Realmente un super mod!!! No hay palabras para agradecer tanto. Mi pregunta es si hay que esperar una actualizacion de plantilas o si hay alguna mas actualizada mientras sacan una actualizacion de la misma-


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the download links aren't working..
Yeah, that's right. I mean, GDrive was temporarily disabled because of too many downloads (you're so popular, man! :33vff3o:) but the link was OK. Plus Mega and GoFile were working fine.
Just a hint @Sandeep Saha: to download it from Mega you'd need an account (I don't think unregistered users can download 5+ GB of data at once).

Thank you for everything. For the determination, for the will to go on even when some people in here called you a liar, for the dedication. And for another wonderfully done job of course.

If we ever meet, beer's on me.

Sandeep Saha

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Sorry for inconvenience, but I'm confused here a bit. After downloading and extracting the mod files, which files I exactly need to copy and is it in the game folder or in the FIFA 14 folder?


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Amazing work, thanks for this spectacular mod harry. I didn't understand very well tournament manager and Turkish language part but i'm sure it's going to be clear when youtube links come. Thanks a lot again


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Amazing mod. I like so much. If you can, you would put these files, or similar, as Splash and FIFASetup in next update? I play this game in Brazilian Portuguese, and there, the country names ar in English, this can be fixed in next update?
A like so much uyour job. Thank thank you for keeping this game alive and great for us.
Sorry my bad English.

FIFA 14 Splash 20 Aubameyang.jpg

I have this image in 3840x2160, but i can't post here.

FIFA 14 FIFASetup 20 - Aubameyang.png