FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)


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harry,please fix face Joao Felix:bouncy:Thank you very much for the mod.

Harry BullZak

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STATUS - 08/03/2020
Thank you all for leaving feedback.

Can I please ask you to be more specific with your feedback. For example:
What option did you choose in the Tournament Manager?
If there is a crash in Career mode what date, team & league where you using?
If the crash was during the game what teams (home and away), what stadium?
If you have been fired early and get the 'CM_League_Objective-1' email please tell me what league, what team.

Also, if English isn't your first language please use Google Translate - when leaving comments

In future updates the READ ME file will contain common issues. Any feedback that is covered in the READ ME file will be ignored. Again use Google Translate to translate that document if English isn't your first language.

Please leave feedback either here or on the Discord server in the FIP14 section:

I will start working on fixes tomorrow evening (09/03/2020). Any feedback or issues not reported by that date will be covered/investigated/fixed in future updates.


  • Public BETA release - COMPLETE
  • v2.00 - pre-winter transfers - COMPLETE
  • BREAK - Back w/c 9th March 2020
  • v2.01 - fixes
  • v2.10 - post-winter transfers
  • v2.11 - post-winter transfer fixes
  • v2.20 - Copa Libertadores release
  • v2.21 - Copa Libertadores fixes
  • (Possible) v2.30 - MLS 2020 update
  • (Possible) v2.30 - Brasileiro 2020 update
  • (Possible) v3.00 - FIFA 2021 update
TASKS - First release - fixes (v2.01)
  • Create a v2.00 upload split into parts
  • Issue with AS Roma crash in Career mode. Possible issue with Veretout face
  • Joao Felix face bug
  • Update language packs to remove English nation names
  • Fix Juventus kit number colours
  • Missing logo in friendly matches
  • Update Internationals compdata
  • Investigate Career mode stories issue
  • Updated gk glove pack
  • Write a guide on 'CM_League_Objective-1' issue
  • Write a guide on Champions League/Europa League first season issue
  • Package files
  • Send files for download
Please check the following post for regular updates
>>> HERE <<<

Could a hero without a layer who has downloaded the pach, upload the files in two parts and share it here with the permission of HarryBullZak please, I've been trying to download it for three days and I can't, the download drops when it reaches 4 GB. I know that I am not the only one there are other people who are the same. Please someone?

This is on my list. I may have some time to send the files to FIFA Infinity later today.

Why are there no actual squads?
Not helpful feedback.

i give crash when i try to play carrer mode...
Not helpful feedback.
Very good master patch but by the time the full patch with January transfers the new stadiums and boots and the FIFA 20 menu?
I will not give an estimate on time.
Yes please leave them feedback, but I will fix this.
fantastic patch, thank you very much...
one question though, is there no UEFA Super Cup at the start of the season in career mode?
There is never Super Cup in the first season. I don't know why. It is a limitation of FIFA 14.
Started to make an update for the Russian Premier League, logos, transfers, schemes, a full set of minifises.
The Russian PL transfers have been done for v2.10 by the FI team so you may be wasting your time. The minifaces will be greatly appreciated if you can supply?

Thank you. I will take a look at these this afternoon. :D
Can I edit in cm14, without damage to career mode?
Yes. Use Tournament Manager after to 'Load Default Tournaments'. Regenerate and play.
Reporting a bug: player career mode with Haaland it crashes on the 29th October, strange since in normal manager career it doesn't crash.
I haven't done any testing for PAP Career mode for a long time. What team where you playing as? What team where you playing against? What year?
Added Boot Manager tool ?
In a future update


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Hi,how to play with icons? the only way I succeeded was with World XII,but some face were missing.
For the Pro team, the ratings are too low.