FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (19/20 Edition)


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Hi guys, so I am looking for flags and banners for the Serie A teams, and I have looked through a lot of forums to find some, but I haven't found yet one, can someone maybe show me where I can find some, please.


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How to disable scripting/momentum/adaptive difficulty in career mode? All my player looks like exhausted, no react to ball, everything is slow and sluggish. But opponents team is fast and responsive (it doesn't matter if it's Liverpool or weak team with 50-60 rated players). I can still beat cpu 3:0 - 4:0 but this isn't fun and it's totally unrealistic.

cl.ini or sliders modding doesn't help.


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Hi Scouser, I ve a problem:
I ve noticed that the boots are not assigned, in the Lua files I can see the right assignment, but in game there are different boots assigned. Where I wrong?


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is anyone able to view their custom boots in game? *createplayerboot* I see it on CM16 but no in the boots menu in edit player or create a player

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This is great, thanks guys for all your hard work. I haven't played for a while but I come back and there is an updated Anfield, and the Cypriot league is included in FIP!


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Thanks for the update guys!
Do we have Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana now in career mode?


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I used the Tournament manager to remove additional tournaments. I wanted to have Cypriot, Czech, Greece and Romanian domestic cups in career. After removing some tournaments the line count was under 1770. Then I installed the career mode compdata. In game I created my pro and tried to start a career in Romanian league, but FIFA 16 crashed. What could be the problem?


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I got a db problem - before installing the V3.1 db I made a backup because I edited many teams by myself before. After installing the V3.1 (without replacing a single db file) I first had no problems when opening my edited db but when I tried to save there was an error (CM16). Now I cant open the db neither with CM16 nor with DB16 anymore (NET. Framework error). I tried to switch between the db's with the version manager, did I destroy my db because of that (I made sure that the fifa_ng_db-file is always a default db) ? Or does anyone have a possible solution how I can open my edited db again ?
Thanks in advance!
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If anyone wants to play with no crowd like they are doing now in Germany, here is a crowd table from the general folder in Data > FIFARNA > LUA > ASSIGNMENTS. Make sure u copy your normal general folder so you don't lose your normal crowd settings. Turn of your crowd volume in the game ad it looks very realistic in game :)

setTournamentCrowdSize(353,0,0) --Argentina Primera División (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(351,0,0) --Australia Hyundai A-League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(80,0,0) --Austria Bundesliga (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(4,0,0) --Belgium Jupiler Pro League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(7,0,0) --Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(335,0,0) --Chile Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(2012,0,0) --China Super League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(336,0,0) --Colombia Liga Aguila (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(1,0,0) --Denmark Superliga (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(13,0,0) --England Premier League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(14,0,0) --England EFL League Championship (2)
setTournamentCrowdSize(60,0,0) --England EFL League One (3)
setTournamentCrowdSize(61,0,0) --England EFL League Two (4)
setTournamentCrowdSize(16,0,0) --France Ligue 1 (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(17,0,0) --France Ligue 2 (2)
setTournamentCrowdSize(19,0,0) --Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(20,0,0) --Germany 2. Bundesliga (2)
setTournamentCrowdSize(2076,0,0) --Germany 3. Liga (3)
setTournamentCrowdSize(31,0,0) --Italy Serie A (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(32,0,0) --Italy Serie B (2)
setTournamentCrowdSize(349,0,0) --Japan J1 League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(341,0,0) --Mexico Liga MX (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(10,0,0) --Holland Eredivisie (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(41,0,0) --Norway Eliteserien (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(66,0,0) --Poland T-Mobile Ekstraklasa (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(308,0,0) --Portugal Liga NOS (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(65,0,0) --Rep. Ireland Airtricity League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(67,0,0) --Russia Premier League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(350,0,0) --Saudi Dawry Jameel League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(50,0,0) --Scotland Premiership (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(83,0,0) --Korea K League Classic (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(53,0,0) --Spain Primera Division (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(54,0,0) --Spain Segunda A (2)
setTournamentCrowdSize(56,0,0) --Sweden Allsvenskan (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(189,0,0) --Switzerland Super League (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(68,0,0) --Turkey Süper Lig (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(39,0,0) --USA Major League Soccer (1)
setTournamentCrowdSize(63,0,0) --Greece Super League
setTournamentCrowdSize(330,0,0) --Romania Liga I
setTournamentCrowdSize(319,0,0) --Czech Republic Fortuna Liga

setTournamentCrowdSize(223,0,0) --UEFA CL
setTournamentCrowdSize(224,0,0) --UEFA EL
setTournamentCrowdSize(232,0,0) --UEFA SC