FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V6.0 (22/23 Edition)


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1) Rename your current game from FIFA 16 to another name. Open ORIGIN and download FIFA 16 again. That is a clean install. Without any mod.

2) Install new FIO. Then from your old game folder, copy stuff you want in your case faces (all folders that include faces files). And don't forget to use that "tool" by scouser to add in DB HQ faces so your game doesn't crash.
Thank you!


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Should i regenerate with some tool? i copied everything, fresh install, but it doesn't show. I opened FIP Version Manager, applied UEFA Version, but it doesn't apply, i tried with admin rights also, any suggestion?


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Hello again.
Is it possible just to paste my old FSW folder with setting file (with all assigned stadiums in CGFS) or should i re-assign all stadiums manually?
stadium assignements for teams should be OK, since teams rarely change IDs. anything related tou tournaments though. should be re-examined, since there are a lot of changes in that part. so copy the FSW file, but keep just the stadium assignements


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Sorry, is there a quick way to copy the playernames list into dcplayernames to get the name and surname of the players who want to insert Ctration Master 16?
Thanks in advance for the help.


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When you install the patch the chairs of the stadiums automatically change to team color, I forgot how to stop this? Who could help me ?

@scouser09 could you please tell me why my careers are crashing with a 4 star team? I'm trying to start one with Feyenoord but before the pre-season tournaments load the whole games crashes.
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Anyone have these Man Utds red and yellow kitnumbers?


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Fantastic job with the patch! Impressive content.

Is it only me or the mainly white balls look too dark in game?
I checked the texture.rx3 files and they seem to have an additional pinkish layer. Could it be that?