FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V6.1 (22/23 Edition)


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Hi, I noticed that almost all the players have the same Body Type: average height for 170cm-185cm, tall 185+, etc. I mean in the past upamecano or adama traore had "stocky" body.Is something from fifa 23 db or it's just edited? Just asking


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Sorry but i can't download part 5 of the patch. Does anyone have the same problem as me. Thanks to who helps me


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FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V6.0
Hello? Any chance to get this to Fifa19?
I see that you guys know what you are doin. I tried converting and got everything setup, entire database. But compdata is causing crashes in tournaments and carrier. So i guess i still lack knowledge to make it work
There is probably some change i need to do in compdat to make it compatible with f19 but i don't know what.
Anyway , would appreciate if you would release it for f19!

Maybe i can help if you need it that is.
I have Serbia league i wish to introduce to your work. Already got everything setup in regular f19, 16 teams all players, all graphics.
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Hello. I installed this new patch on clean fifa version and did everything mentioned in the tutorial(select version, regenerate etc). At first I chose "FIP16 V6.0 Basic" version but every time I played a match, it crashed(mostly in the second half). I noticed that while I played, no player/team/transfer info were shown under the scoreboard. So I decided to switch to "FIP16 V6.0 UEFA" version, I regenerated files and started a new career. Suddenly everything was fine in league matches, also player/team/transfer info started to show under the scoreboard. But then came the CL, same problem again, no info under scoreboard and crashing at second half. Does anyone know how to fix this? I did not save anything in CM16, only regenerated. I did not set up CL teams at the start of career, as mentioned in the tutorial. Faces are fine, if faces were causing a crash it would be right at the start of the game, not second half.


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Can anyone tell me why I have checkered textures during skill games training? It is really driving me crazy and I'm sure there's an easy fix. Thank you very much in advance!


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kits minikits up-date 1.3 ?
I'm not sure what you are referring to. I downloaded and installed the infinity patch version 6 (all 6 parts and installed manually). Is there an add-on I'm missing?

Thanks for the help.
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Has anyone else had trouble Regenerating BH with this update? I have been able to do this without issue in the past using CM 16, but it no longer works.

When using CM 16 I get no feedback, but the changes don't go through

Using i68 controller it tells me it can not find the .exe file, but it is right in my Fifa 16 folder within program files / EA Games

Using File Master the regenerate button is greyed out for some reason( I have attached a screenshot of what that is looking like).

Is it possible this has something to do with the update to the EA app as opposed to Origin? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the EA app and I am also sure that I stay in offline mode after installation.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT--I have actually fixed my own issue. In case someone has a similar issue in the future, I used CM 16 and went to File - Open - Select all and then clicked my FIFA 16 directory


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Great job! In future update please fix the Poland home and away kits - no number on shirt's front and please add combinations - white shirt/red short and red shirt/red short.
Is there a chance to add Total graphic patch by @nikolapfc89? In my opinion this patch will be much complete


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I have 1 problem that just happened. Some players crash in career mode when they are in the starting line-up, but not when they are on the bench. anyone can help? because the last time I got this problem was when I was still using the moddingway patch.