FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.0 (23/24 Edition)


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Modified CreationMaster16.exe

-Player join date can be set after 2020.
-Tournament start dates can be after 2020.
-Tournament prize money limit increased.
-Tournament schedules show dates starting 2020 rather than 2015. *

* I intend to change this to 2021 at some point.

You must have Creation Master V2.0 installed to use, replace the original CreationMaster16.exe with this one.

It is strongly recommended that you backup the original file and your main DB, language DB and compdata files before using in case of any problems. I have been using this version for several months without issues though, including development of the last FIP16 version.

-Rinaldo (Creation Master 16)
-scouser09 (A few edits only)

I would appreciate feedback if it is working for everyone. If it does not work, check that your Creation Master version is V2.0 before posting.
How did you edited that?


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Hi everyone...
I have a problem with career mod, when i go to browse a job the game freezes. If someone know how to fix it can please tell me. Thanks.


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just as a heads up, after update v4.1, i'm starting to get errors with a few players, my guess is that this is with transferred players only who were playing for a different club in the v4.0 update.

Since updating and using v4.1 now, two players as an example in KAA Gent (the two new transfers), Tarik Tissoudali and Yonas Malede all have the same type of Unhandled Exception Error when clicking on them:

View attachment 74262

As far as i have looked into it, this only is with the transfered players in a club, is also not only the case with KAA Gent.

Unsure however if this causes issues/crashing of the game when that player is in the line-up.

In v4.0 those errors did not happen.
That problem is fixed just by putting join date before 12/31/2020. but still my game crashes, with leipzig, with manchester united. teams that don't crash me don't have players with that error, so I thought maybe that would be the problem, but no.


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Can someone help me? I added a pack faces and run the cool utility by @scouser09 than reimported players to DB.... regenerate bh

But all eyes of faces are very luminous and light blue (without texture).

And all generic faces are buggy now. hairs are not placed anymore on head they are up in the air (about 100px).

Can someone tell me what I done wrong?


thanks a lot
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Hi guys!
Does anyone know how to edit the champion league groupstage? I want to make the real 21/22 cl groupstage in career, but i dont know how, or where can i edit this. Please help! Thank you!
euroseededteams.csv on "FIFA 16\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data"
use excel to open the file, you do not need much explanation of each thing, since it is quite intuitive.
Conference League has to put the dependence on competitions? But the degree to which they impact each other. By doing so, Champions stops operating... it is hidden, but UEL works and the Conference doesn't start because it depends on UCL teams as well. I created it in test here on an ID 225 and it effectively works, but when it joins in the career it collapses because maybe I'm wrongly mentioning the dependencies of these.