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FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.1 (23/24 Edition)


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meybe HNL Croatia...în next version...

because play 10 team...2 ...Hajduk and Dinamo Zagreb în rest world


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any chance up-date kit and minikit Czech Republic league (22-23 ?

(moore team no kits 22-23
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Can anyone tell me why I have checkered textures during skill games training? It is really driving me crazy and I'm sure there's an easy fix. Thank you very much in advance!
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Please somebody help me solve this problem. Where and how can i solve this problem. I understand i need to add 2 pc rx3 file. But in the db where is this kits? What need to write in db? Thank you!


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No disrespect but, why tho? The Qatari Super League is way better, Indonesia League is not even better than Thai League which guaranteed some spot in the AFC CL.
agree, that Thai league sounds cool, or maybe handful of some good SEA club
im Indonesian myself, and i dont give a s*** about that circus league as a whole hahaha, except the National Team

can someone tell me what is the Kit ID for the one used on 'Skill Games' and on Training mode in Career ?
i use the mod and the training kit is green and yellow square as usual


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Sorry for taking so long to reply again.

The next version of this patch is progressing well. Some new leagues are expected to be included.

Just a reminder, if you find a bug, give as much information as possible. Mention which version you play with, what team you are playing with, where the bug occurs, and anything else relevant. Sometimes I need to replicate a bug in order to inspect the issue and fix it. You should mention what relevant modifications you have made as I need to determine if the bug is in the patch or if a user introduced it. Screenshots may help.

Yes, that face pack is in the patch. Most of the female ones where removed since they are not used though.

To my understanding, this issue occurs when you do in-game editing and play with the modified squads. I would recommend that you do your edits in CM16 instead and start your career with default squads.

Can you give more information on this issue?

Edit the value of "CALSTART_YEAR" in cmsettings.ini. You will also need to adjust the values of year start and possibly some international tournaments in the compdata.

I could not replicate this issue, I inspected some of those players and their faces displayed correctly. Are you playing on a clean install of FIFA 16?

You need to be more specific.

I think you are right, I need to investigate this further.

Sorry, I do not.

There are no current plans for a new version of FIP19. I do not have any expertise in modding FIFA 19 either.

Did you add any pop-ups? A problem one could be causing it.

I can confirm this bug. You need to add 2 kits, "kit_7000_93_0.rx3" and "kit_7000_94_0.rx3". Also, kit records for team ID 7000 with kit types 6 and 7 need to be added to the DB, they must have been accidentally removed. I will resolve this in the next version.

Thanks for reporting this, those teams where meant to be omitted from the V6.0 release for that reason. Of those 15 new CAF teams with missing kits, 8 have since been added and will be in the next version. If anyone wants to make the remaining 7 teams, they will be kept in the next version. Alternately, send me current or recent PES for me to convert.

-Rivers United FC
-Zanaco FC
-GD Sagrada Esperança
-Jwaneng Galaxy
-LPRC Oilers
-US Gendarmerie Nationale

Thanks, I was unaware of the bug with the Poland shirt front numbers.


What edits have you made? Have you added any additional faces?

I am guessing that you also replaced cmsettings.ini. You need to fix the value of "CALSTART_YEAR", it should be 2022.
Hello scouser,
1.can you add fifa 20 gameplay style or graphics or playing like or camera setting like fifa 20 ?
2.Can you increase extra time in it after 90 min
3. Please add 5 subsitution option that refree given it ?
BUT PLEASE ADD SOME GAMEPLAY LIKE FIFA 20 OR 21. Your are great that alive fifa 16. I request you change gameplaying style it will look more amazing


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Hi, I think there was some kind of error when converting the default team sheets from FIFA 23 to FIFA 16, because the formations are incorrect and players end up in wrong positions. For example, the default France team sheet looks like this, with Kanté playing left back, and Digne and Coman at CM.


This is because the original formation in the October 2022 squad file was a 3-5-2, and it got converted into a 4-3-3 by mistake. If you change the formation, all players end up in their correct positions without swapping any of them around.


Hope there is a simple fix for this!


Reserve Team
Guys there is a way or a tool to update the boots with the new ones? I mean without boot manager(it takes too many time) but something faster. Or maybe if someone have the uefa 6.0 update for the boot assignment....