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Everytime I've tried this patch, it works for a few games and then some kind of error happens where it corrupts my profile, loses my career saves, and the team names on the main menu look like "team_7374738" etc...


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I purchased FIFA 20 today and I installed the mod by using the frosty manager. I launched it but nothing happens! Help! (and I did the ONLINE thing written in note 1 of the readme)


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Hi! Is there a way to include january transfers in your patch? Or, from another point of view, to apply your patch to the latest official update/squad file?


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Hi! Is there a way to include january transfers in your patch? Or, from another point of view, to apply your patch to the latest official update/squad file?
Exactly I also have the same problem as we have to do? I thought that in the last mod the January mahh market was included


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Guys, a quick question (I'm pretty confident in editing FIFA 11 to 16 but I haven't made any change to a Frostbite-powered game myself yet).
Some teams (like Cremonese and Entella for example) have kitnumbers of the wrong colour (e.g. black numbers on black kit).
It's a negligible issue, so I'm not asking you to review all the kit configs in the database to have them fixed, but I'd love to fix them myself (by doing so, I'd also learn how to do it!).

Thing is... I can't seem to access the DB, it's kinda "locked" into the .fbmod file and I don't think I can extract that.
Is there a way for me to change those values even if I can't directly access the DB?

Thank you, any help would be much appreciated.


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Dealing with Italian Serie B kits, I've noticed two mistakes:
- Perugia home set is red kit - white short - red socks (and away is white kit - red short - white socks);
- Livorno home set is amaranth kit - amaranth short - amaranth socks (and away is all white).

Cosenza logo is wrong (it's the one used six years ago!).

Thanks in advance.


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When I tried to create a tournament with 64 clubs (!), the game crashed. It was a pity.
I've also noticed - loading Custom Teams file - that "Apollon Limassol" is named "Heartofblood" (!). How could it be possible?! Is it a joke?
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good day NaFeR I really like your patch FIFA Infinity Patch 20 thank you very much for your work the only request if it is not difficult for you to add an extended DFB Pokal with starting teams as in the EEP patch on the team form , and it will not be equal, thank you again.csm_113981-AErmellogo_DFB_Pokal_DFB_7a76d63b1a.jpg


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2.3.1 version

– Mod rebuilded to make it compatible with the latest FIFA title update (read “note 4” in “Instructions”).

Note 4: since the FIFA 20 CONMEBOL DLC, any version of FIP20 released previously won’t be fully compatible with the new features. You won’t be able to play Career Mode or CONMEBOL content; you will have to play with FIP20 v.3.0 (or newer) to enjoy the new features added in the DLC.



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[QUOTE = "aleracingclub, publicación: 6583764, miembro: 219121"] 2.3.1 versión

- Mod reconstruido para que sea compatible con la última actualización del título de FIFA (lea la "nota 4" en "Instrucciones").

Nota 4: desde el DLC CONMEBOL de FIFA 20, cualquier versión de FIP20 lanzada anteriormente no será totalmente compatible con las nuevas funciones. No podrá reproducir el modo Carrera o el contenido de CONMEBOL; Tendrás que jugar con FIP20 v.3.0 (o más reciente) para disfrutar de las nuevas funciones agregadas en el DLC.


the squads are outdated !!! does anyone have an updated squads ??