Fifa Street 3 Demo


Fan Favourite
anyone played it? what do you think of it.

i reckon its too cartoony and unrealistic.. + theres 2 different types of player models.. a normal one and an obese one..


Starting XI
I heard the demo came out on the PS3, but from all the reviews I read, it seems really bad...

I'm not going to try it...I hate this idea of cartoon players playing 'magical' street all the vids i've seen on youtube don't seem that great anyways...


Starting XI
Yeah...btw, have you seen that video which shows the 3 cover players? There are 2 skinny ones and an obese one...who is the obese one, Gattuso???


Reserve Team
i dont think they're meant to be obese, they're meant to be incredibly buff but like in fifa 06 they're just made to look really fat


Youth Team
its absolutely crap its worse than fifa street 2! i mean what the hell how can they make it worse? wasnt that good in the first place!