Fifa Street for PC!


Youth Team
There's a chance for it to be produced for 2007, I agree, for the 2006 games, FIFA for PC would be too late now...but there's been enough signatures on the petition to let EASports know many gamers are strongly interested in FIFA Street to be made for PC play, good luck everyone. One more thing, my answer would be YESSSSSS!!!!


Youth Team
I don't think it should be released on the PC because anyone who hasn't played the game is in for a real dissapointment and anyone who has bought the game wouldn't want it for the PC. Unless EA produces a good Street game with it being editable on the PC, I would say no.


Senior Squad
Some say that when Konami included some street soccer play in its movies for PES5/WE9, it meant Konami had plans to produce a street soccer game. I read it in a site a long time ago... it's just speculation.

Anyway Fifastreet-2 will be enjoyable only if u consider it something else than soccer... I read in a Fifastreet interview, that you gather "strength points" or something like that, then when ur player is "fully charged" u get some sorta "goal buster" shot that most probably ends in the net... fun? only for 1/2 an hour... Lame? Yes. But-it-is-an-arcade? No, it's worse.

Even though, I am looking forward to the PC fifastreet2... but with extremely low gameplay expectations... (I have a CGI movie for Fifastreet where the ball actually floats from player to player)...