FIFA STREET Preview in G4mers Magazine!


Youth Team
right cool review... now lets wait for someone that can read portugese and will translate it :) its like freakin arabic to me


Youth Team
Here is a basic translation. My Portuguese should be better considering I'm 100%, but this is the basic gist of it. Maybe someone who speaks better can add/edit things that I may have missed out on.

It’s been a while that we’ve known EA Sports was designing a football game different from the others. The studio responsible for this design involved EA BIG and wanted a new formula to virtual football.

This new FIFA offers the stark reality of football these days. Let me ask you: what do the following players have in common: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Figo, Ronaldo, or Rui Costa? The response is very simple: all of them started playing football on the streets, in front of their homes.

Street football is a real sport, it is played all over the world. EA sports wanted this innovative concept that will certainly complement all the sides of football.

At our disposition we have a vast selection of national teams…Naturally we can create our own team and our own player, to later introduce into the global street football circuit.

In (training camp?—campo das habilidades), forget all you learned in the Fifa series. In Fifa Street the player can’t restrict their game, like normal games (maybe this means keep a slow pace?) In this new game, the player needs to be creative. And very inventive. The selection of players for the team is very important, because this will determine whether you win or lose. The games are extremely intense, there’s very little time to think, and the players can utilize the walls of the park to get past their adversaries.

Don’t think it’s easy to score goals in this game! Contrary to the fifa series, we have goalies capable of blocking any kind of shot. The solution is to find mistakes in the adversaries, pass rapidly, execute new moves, be persistent in the games and more important on the shots.

The graphics are similar to others used in the BIG series. Extremely captivating, with photorealistic scenery. The players, especially those we recognize from real games, were impeccably recreated, along with their movements and specific tricks/abilities.

Fifa Street possese a good selection of music, a mix of hip-hop very well collected? And can be changed? With the gamepad? The music and sound effects are important in this type of game. We are awating the final version of this game, and then we will analyze the game more thoroughly.

Sorry for the rough translation at times, I don’t know every word. I tried though