FIFA Ultimate Team Rating Squad File


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This is a fun squad file that I created for personal use but I just wanted to share it if someone is interested, it is just about Ultimate Team ratings for offline squad

I have been editing it for a while so it is based maybe 28 oct squad file, I am not so sure but it was around this time but it is updated for Ultimate team ratings till the moment this post was written
I will update it every week

for more information to get people to know the concept of this squad file

2021-11-25 23_03_07-Window.jpg

You can see that Cristiano Ronaldo and Fred ratings are changed to the POTM Cristiano Card and Fred UCL Card

another examble
2021-11-25 23_04_29-Window.jpg

Messi, Neymar, Mbappe,etc... are all updated to their special Ultimate cards

btw ratings can be different to the Ultimate team card because in game stats do that

Everyplayer is changed or updated if he has a special ultimate card and don´t worry the potential is adjusted, too

No icons included and I don't plan to add icons atleast for now

Ultimate Squad File

Like I said this was created for personal use but anyone can give me feedback and opinion on it if he is interested or liked it.
I will post an update every week if I find interest
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