Fifa06 vs PES5


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Yes, you are right the commentary doesn't help create tension and atmosphere. But the game play makes up for other areas.

I wish footy games could be made in europe where the passion for the game is at its best.

Your banner at the end of your post is a bit harsh. Only a upset employee could have that much anger surely!


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Relica said:
Your banner at the end of your post is a bit harsh. Only a upset employee could have that much anger surely!
I don't find it harsh at all. Let me explain.

I was a huge fan of the SEGA Sports football games. I have never liked Madden. Even in the 16-bit days I thought madden was a joke so I played Joe Montana Football on the megadrive. Then the dreamcast came about and I fell in love with the NFL 2K series. Last years NFL 2K5 was the best ever, I still play it. EA felt pressure as NFL2K5 was only $20 brand new and was clearly the better game. EA did something about that, they bought an exclusive license to stop competition.

It doesnt just end there. Take all the street games for example, they are all pure crap IMO. They own an exclusive license to NASCAR...........why............because a company named papyrus made a much better simulation than them. The NBA live series is a joke next to the NBA 2K series. I really even need to say anything? Let me move away from sports games as I think I hate the sports division the most an I don't want to give myself a heart attack from thinking about it.

NFS is now all about hip pop culture fast and the furious wannabe crap. I felt the Burnout series has fallen in quality. Sure, Takedown and Revenge were fun..............for a few hours. Did you play the Godfather? Was that a joke or was it just me? was this game fun :rolleyes: CnC Generals, nothing like EA buying westwood and destroying a once great game series. I need to quit typing about this before my head explodes. :s***:


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I do agree with all the above except I love burnout 3&4. But I can forgive anything for the release of ssx tricky and 3. Just superb pieces of software. On tour was a let down tho.


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I'm new here, so gotta say hello to everyone :)

So, FIFA'05 or PES5?

For me FIFA games died after FIFA 2000. The best FIFA for me is undoubtely '98 (/bow) and '99 but like i said, EA killed FIFA series after year 2001. FIFA 2001 games+ began to descend firstly because EA didn't the game to the next level and secondly because the new rival PES gave much more stuff to the gamer. They kept the original gameplay in the beginning (FIFA '01, '02, '03) that gave the opportunity to the gamer to score many goals, even from the centre of the field, without much practice. With FIFA '04, '05, '06 games, EA tried to build a improved style of gameplay (a more tactical gameplay i could say) where the gamer should practice more to score a goal; they failed because on the other side, Pro Evolution Series was much advanced and were offering to the gamer an absolutely authentic football simulator with the best gameplay ever in the genre.

Today, FIFA are playing only the original (i think) FIFA fans (not me anymore) and PES are playing all the other who seek a game that simulate the beautiful game.

EA killed FIFA :( ; PES is the king! :D


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That's not so true ... there are many PES players that had played FIFA 06, because is very known that FIFA 06 has achieved a good development since the crappy FIFA 2004.

About FIFA fans, is more about countries ... here in SA nobody plays FIFA, most people play PES, except for Mexico where I could see that everybody loves FIFA. About Europe I'm not pretty sure, but yes I agree that football games should be designed in Europe, most likely England.


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heres my opinion...

my past soccer gaming experiences:
ive been a long time EA sports guy. i loved madden, nba live, fifa, and even nhl back in the days. i remember having an old soccer game for the genesis and i think it was made by konami, forgot wat it was called but it was dope. After like '99 i stopped playing games altogether really. it wasnt until recently when i bought FIFA World cup 2006 and WE9, and ive also downloaded the FIFA 2006 demo.

here we go....

i started with EA's fifa world cup. ive had nothing but fun and good experiences with this game. it looks beautiful first of all, and there is a HUGE selection of countries you can choose from. more specifically, u can play as any country that was involved even in the qualifying stages of the world cup. i recently started a campaign with VANUATU, they're ranked like 115 or something like that. hahaha

the game, compared to WE9, is simpler, and that makes it easier to play. i really like simplicity, i think simplicity can be wat makes a game fun. remember when the original nintendo came out? for even older school heads, how about atari? or like space invaders or dig dug on a 486 computer? now THATS fun, and nothing gets simpler than that!

a complaint with the FIFA series is: the MENUS are little TOO damn simple for me. its very easy to navigate thru menus because it has a very simple straight forward layout. HOWEVER, i always feel they leave out alot of necessary functions in the game. for example, i still cant find out how to DELETE profiles, and old saved tournaments that i no longer want to keep. ur very limited in the menus, so that can prevent you from doing certain things sometimes, that i feel should be easy to do in the first place. WE9 is the complete opposite. its a little bit TOO confusing. too sophisticated....once u get accustomed to it, u can probably use its sophistication to your advantage, but i have yet to get there. i dont like spending time figuring out how to do things in menus, id rather just get into the game and have fun.
FIFA does good with this, but leaves a little more to be wanted. WE9 gives everything you could ever ask, plus more and more and more. alittle too much if u ask me.

anyways, i thought FIFA WC 2006 was fantastic, and i didnt know why people were always hating on EA, but that was of course before i bought WE9.

now that i have WE9 and have been playing it for a lil while, i have to say the gameplay, physics, etc. in this game are AMAZING. id have to say konami wins over EA in this aspect. the lack of licensing with WE9, and all the option file/kitserver downloading stuff can really get confusing, it took me like a whole week of intensive research and patching to finally get my game the way i want it to be. so that was a pain, but its all good in the end. i think i still mite get FIFA 2006 because they have more leagues, some of which i really want to play as.

so while i found WE9 to be a lil more realistic and accurate in terms of actual soccer gameplay, i still have to say that ive had alittle more fun playing EA's fifa. WHY? even tho the gameply isnt as realistic, even tho u mite get 20+ shots a game and the computer less than 5, to me, ITS STILL FUN. and thats wat it all comes down to. i dunno...i love killing my opponent, dominating, and just being able to create amazing plays with ease. so thats why i loved FIFA. in WE9, its definitely more challenging because its more realistic, but sometimes wen i play on the 1 star difficultly setting, i cant even score a goal in regular time!! and sometimes, thats no fun, ya feel me? i also dont like the shots that players take in WE9 compared to FIFA. its not accurate enough.....realism is great, but this is a game, not real life. sometimes its more fun if your players movements are computerized to certain degree, so you can actually get a shot on goal, instead of shanking it 10 ft. wide because ur joystick was a couple degrees off target. i mean, all that for the sake of 'realism'? i see where people are coming from but i think its a lil hyped up. (maybe im exxagerating alil bit here too....but u get my point. i still think its a valid point =P )

dont get me wrong...i still love and play we9 alot, its def an amazing game.

i guess my bottom line is, i feel WE9 v FIFA WC 2006 really is personal preference. they are both amazing soccer games, but they kind of occupy different niches in the market...almost like, theyre aimed towards different types of gamers, if u will.
if you're really concerned about having MORE teams and MORE leagues and MORE players, uniforms, faces, etc. and can ENJOY fifa for wat it is; a simpler, easier/less challenging, more basic soccer game, maybe FIFA is right for you. (i guess if u really want a challenge from FIFA, you can play at the highest difficulty setting. i only play at semi-pro cuz im naturally not that great at games heh) i think because of FIFA's complete-ness with all the licenses, etc. and its beautiful presentation, its also like a collectors item. after all, it is FIFA, the international organization, so its gotta be 'official' =)

but, if you're a hardcore soccer gaming hooligan, who is picky about every little detail of the actual playing of the game, nothing does it better than WE9. WE9 i feel is also MUCH deeper of a game, which u can even see from the thickness of the manual, compared to FIFA WC. i feel that WE9 is a little more challenging, and you need to be really precise with your moves, and know how to do all the 100000000 different moves you can do by pressing different combinations of buttons. EA's controls are A LOT less sophisticated. i find this good and bad for WE9; good because you can do so many more moves in the game, making it alot more colorful (that is, if youre good enough to DO the moves without a problem =) . ) but bad because i find myself getting confused because there are so many moves u can do.

also, remember, it takes some work to patch it so it has real names/teams,etc. but if u kno wat ur doing, its not that hard. AND another plus is, since theres such a huge following and community behind PES/WE series, theres SO MANY patches/updates/optionfiles or watever u want to call them, available online. this keeps WE9 ALWAYS up to date, with updated rosters, and even updated uniforms. i just downloaded a kit that had all the new 06/07 uniforms, something that FIFA 2006 does not have. i dont know if there are patches for FIFA that does this too, i've looked a little but havent found any. maybe i havent looked hard enough.

the WE series got me sold, no doubt. but, i love simplicity and i love all the licensing that EA has, so im gonna stick with the EA series as well. i personally have decided i am more of a FIFA guy right now, but i will def keep an eye out for WE10, when it comes out in the states!!

hope you guys found my review helpful. just remember, realistic games are cool, but REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!! whether u find fun from konami or ea, is ur choice, but i dont want people to automatically dismiss the FIFA series because everyone seems to like the WE series more. cuz i think i like this FIFA game just a liiiitle bit more than WE9!

my recommendation: do what i did. download the demos for both sides and play them, see what you like! they're DIFFERENT games, sometimes i find it hard to even compare the two because WE9 seems much more 'serious' as a game than FIFA. again...this doesnt mean FIFA isnt fun. =)

enjoy fellas, let me know what you think!

btw....anyone know when WE10 and FIFA 07 are coming out in the states?

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kostassakel13 said:
Well I am a new member so I reply now to this old thread :P !

I won't review Pro Evolution Soccer or say something about Fifa..........

I will just say:

If you want to play football,play Pro Evolution Soccer.....If you want to lose time from your life messing up with a crap just play Fifa........

:clapwap: :Bow: (Y)

Punk Sk8r

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i have both FIFA 2006 and Pro Evo 5 and you know what im going to say..........Pro Evo kicks butt someone said earlier its hardcore gaming fun for people who want challenege and on FIFA i was playing with Palace and i mustv had millions of shots on goal on Professional level and i played 4 start on pro same as equivilant to Professional level on FIFA 06 and I lost to West Ham 1-0 i was Man United so pro 5 is the most realistic......i wish KONAMI made cricket games they would be so good people say BLIC is the Pro Evo of cricket well its crap and EAs beats it but anyway sorry for going bit of topic.



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Having played both games at my friends, I must say they're both pretty crappy. Konami sucks because it doesn't have any licenses and you must rely on modders to get your game fixed which is really annoying. both are easily modded, however FIFA doesn't limit you, you can edit everything in fifa... everything and you can add as many team, leagues, faces, boots as you want. But it must be done externally. PES always you to edit ingame something very limited in FIFA, however you are more limited overall cuz you can't add new teams or new leagues, more faces, more boots... you can only replace.

The gameplay is hardly better in PES, nonetheless it is better as there is much more depth to it, formation options, player abilities with there being much more attributes and all that. I like how the players wear the uniforms seasonally, intro scenes of a match, starting in the tunnel, the anthems, the photo, when you win a championship your on podium, scoring when you're offside and the goal isn't counted, goalies getting red carded. To me that's where FIFA greatly lacks, its the depth in realism.

FIFA, has much better in atmosphere, way better commentary, the chants, NT anthems, rivalry atmosphere, FIFA really bring it to life. The graphics are better, FIFA actually use a lot more vertices in the models than PES. As I see it, FIFA has way better faces, but the bodies are odd. I hate how Konami uses 4 skintones for the textures, in FIFA if you want you can mod a player and make him purple. The menus in fifa, the interface overall is a lot better. Career mode is fanatastic.

The only reason I'd ever really play FIFA is because of the depth of teams and leagues and the fact that they're licenced and the atmosphere. Ockham's patch is probably the only reason anyone would play fifa these days and because of NK's gameplay patches. I'd play PES because of the depth of the gameplay and realism in matches. I think if both games were to merge somehow then you'd have a great game, only if you took the things that make them great that is and then I'd say its worth a buy otherwise I wouldn't settle for either. In actuallity both developpers can learn a thing or two from the other game and EA seem to be going in that direction and I hope Konami can do the same aswell.


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hiya to everybody

Really man theres nothing to talk b/w the two games.
theres a huge difference in gameplay.
konami's far better than fifa


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Limberopoulos21 said:
Konami sucks because it doesn't have any licenses and you must rely on modders to get your game fixed which is really annoying.
This is not even a good example. Whats really annoying is a thing called exclusive contracts for licenses in video games. If anything and with using common logic, you should be annoyed at EA and FIFA for having an exclusive license thus making it impossible for Konami to make a fully licensed game.

Oh and just for correct info, Konami does have some licenses unlike how you said; they don't have any licenses.

A default PES5 has all Serie A teams fully licensed except Cagliari. It also has a full La Liga and Eredivise license.


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Pes 5 is better than Fifa 06 becuase of the smoothet gameplay but the shooting in pro evo is quite bad. Fifa WC 06 is better than Pes 5 though, it just feels a lot better to play.


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Pes is superior in gameplay over fifa. However, fifa sells more copies because it meets gamers needs.

Pes is up its own drainpipe as it is too difficult to master and the number of controller moves is an overkill for a game.

I love playing pes as the gameplay is better but I switch to fifa often because it is an easier game. I wish I had 4 hours a day to master pes5 but I rather be more productive and do other things.


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PES isn't hard to master at all. I was playing 6 stars on PES4 (my first PES game) within hours of getting it, and I'm sure that some people took less than that.


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Obviously for you it isn't. What I am saying is that fifa appeals to the mass market as it is better packaged and easier to play.

I admit to being naff at pes i have put a lot of work in and hardly ever score more than one goal a game. I think many gamers can find pes too intimidating.

I will never stop playing pes as there isn't a better option.


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Relica, maybe ur using the Fifa tactics to score on PES.

In Fifa, you can always do the 'Cross....header', or 'Thru Pass...1-on-1' tactics to garuntee a goal.

And as far as the numerous controller moves in PES, I'd wish they double them every year. Adds plenty more depth into the game.

Like last year when they added the 'Inner foot' kick.