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Great! Thank you Milani!

P.S.: I take to let you know that the Colosseum Stadium works perfectly (on my F08 at least), so thanks again.


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Does anyone have the OTHER version of Elland Road? I am actually the original builder of Elland Road on FIFA but lost all my work... i also made Tynecastle and Easter Road...

Mine are NOT the PES conversions.. mine are the originals... if you have any of these i would be so grateful..

Elland Road, Tynecastle, and Easter Road (originally converted by Dusya)


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Somebody please reupload Spanish Stadiums =) =) thanks

Javi Ribes

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Wager en Partner Stadium, Fortuna Sittard

Please, I need 2 stadiums: "Wager en Partner Stadium", Fortuna Sittard & "Willem II Stadium"


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Hi, mates. Could someone please re-upload Hampden Park (Glasgow)? The file seems to be corrupt. It shows a size of ca. 3,3 mb but when you download it, it's just 0 and, of course, gives you an error message.
Thanks in advance. :)


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1 more request

can u find a chelsea fc stadium stamford bridge for fifa07...
the one which is brightly seen in manager mode at the back of the team...