fifa07 VS UEFA07


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i've been playing PES series for a while but after i got uefachampionleague07 i start to come back and play this thing from ea sport again ...good thing is i have a good fun playing UEFA07 except i feel gameplay is a little but slow the rest is fine ... then i realize that why don't i reinstall fifa07 and check thing out again after i left it for PES6 .. the only reason i quit playing FIFA07 was becasue the nightmare graphic. it's horrible. but soon after i read the forum that help me tweak thing out a bit.. what i found is that FIFA07 has a really good gameplay and much better compare to fifa06 and somw how i found myself having fun playing this game rather than PES6.. indeed ...

texturing in FIFA07 was really really bad ...u can see seamless texture everywhere for example the pitch i can't except this becasue EA must known that most of the time we play fifa07 we have to keep our eyes on the pitch why can't they make it better ... and i can see the seamless texture on the sky texture during the GK take a goal kick .it's a vertically straight line

and if i have to comapre between FIFA07 and UEFA07 ..i'd rather say that fifa07 is way better than UEFA07 .. in my opinion, uefa07 is more predictable ..i can predict how player gonna move how they dribble and some how even in WORLD CLASS difficulty .. i still see the same thing .. good point i love about UEFA07 is quick play system's not helping u much (or let say it's not helping u at all becasue u can just press esc to skip the cutscenes during throw in or freekick) but at least it show some of EA's attitude. The weather condition doesn't effect gameplay as much as i expect but i'd love to see the rain pouring during thr first half then it stop in the second half .. really good thing to mention. Moreover it come with 1440x900 resulotion ,finally i can play in widescreen after trying to do in FIFA2007 which is i can set maximun resulotion at 1024x768 (but i used locale.ini trick to get away with this problem). and now i have the question can i make the UEFA07 gameplay faster ... i've tried to edit the locale.ini , put command like GAME_SPEED = 3 but i can't see the different

2.where can i download CM07 ..i can't download is from sweetpatch


ps.sorry for my english


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I don’t think that’s your English.

I too feel the same about FIFA07 (I don’t have UEFA07).
I just did a fresh XP install and decided to put FIFA07 back on my pc. Before I was only playing PES6. I updated with patch v1&2 and started playing. Wow! I forgot how much fun it is to play Fifa07. Pes6 has more depth but Fifa07 is more fun and relaxing.

I don’t know why you can’t download CM07 from sweetpatch:

as I have no problem with it.