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Big update today... I have ready for download the balls for next season;

- New Nike Campeonato Brasileiro Ball
- New Nike Incyte Generic Ball
- New Nike Incyte Italian Serie A Ball
- New Nike Incyte Spanish La Liga Ball
- New Nike Incyte English Premier League Ball
- New Nike Incyte Hi-Viz League Ball for the upcoming 2013/14 season for English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and a generic version.

As well as the French and German league balls for next season.



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Hey ionutz2009, cool thanks!! I'm planning on developing all the banners for CONMEBOL, currently adding Argentina Primera B Nacional... fancy doing any other South American team banners? ;)


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Great thanks ionutz2009!!

A plea to kitmakers, having added the new Minikits for Argentina I see there are some kits that need updating, see them listed below;

From the Primera División:
Atlético de Rafaela
CA Lanús
Quilmes Atlético Club

From the Primera B Nacional:
CA Banfield
Crucero del Norte
CSyD Defensa y Justicia
Club Ferro Carril Oeste
Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy
Club Olimpo
CA Patronato de Paraná
CA Rosario Central

If anyone has the updated kits or could make them I'd be much appreciated. All the banners, logos are up there right now, along with the referee kits and the latest Adidas ball.

Thanks again.


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My kits, logos, minikits of Shirak FC from Armenia.



Banner team:

Home Kit:

Away Kit:

Minikits: (H/A)



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New updates today include team pages for the NASL with kits supplied by Vicoto. Plus new team pages for Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.

SuperZe86 your update for Armenia is now online, can I tempt you into creating the other Armenian kits? ;)


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spurs81, Hi! please help me with balls! i play fifa 08 and use balls from fifa 07 latest balls "Nike INCYTE Generic Match ball 13-14" and i have problem with balls like this! ball look like balloon! see my screens! custom ball fifa 08 look great! how to fix this problem? sorry for my bad English, idk how to explain differently! if you dont understand what i want from you i try to explain again!



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Sorry it doesn't crash for me. Unfortunately these are the models that work with the balls that are used in PES6. I've always just added the near model to both near and far in CM07 and it works OK. Anyone else have this problem?

But then I am talking from a FIFA07 point of view... I've never tried them in FIFA08 as I prefer 07.


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OK todays update has an American feel... new kits for the MLS and NASL by Vicoto, he also did the Joma NASL ball. I have added new MLS flags and referee kits for this season.


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Hello spurs!Can you reupload Tsentralnyi Stadion, Kazan, Russia?

I'd download that file,It's not the real Tsentralnyi Stadion,only Olimp 21-Vek Stadion.Can you reupload Tsentralnyi Stadion??


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spurs81;3514096 said:
OK todays update has an American feel... new kits for the MLS and NASL by Vicoto, he also did the Joma NASL ball. I have added new MLS flags and referee kits for this season.

i already downloaded the flags... pretty cool ones btw =) because the ones that i had where the ones from the CEP 4.... that means :sb9: flags


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mailtolyh - I'll look into it.

persian52 - thanks for checking it out.

vicoto09 - thanks mate... yep slowly adding this and that to the website.

BTW if anyone is looking at doing flags its worth checking out images of the team's ultras or main fan group of the team. Makes everything more real and easier to create the flags.