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FIFA 11 Boots? Standard Old Model? or Newer Models

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ok. So I'm currently working on a few old & new models. Alot of playing around on Blender too. Would anyone out there have the full set of EA boot models(RX3) & textures for most of the games from 12 to Before 22? Or have these mostly been re-done in the newer 22?


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Man if you're THE RD86, I've been using your FIFA08-11 boots textures with FIFA 14 Classic Patch to recreate the boot selections of those seasons. Thank you!
And hoping you actually come back this time :D
Hi @V.K, I’m a modder from the rugby forum for Rugby08. We’re currently in need of new boot textures. Could I get a zip folder of all RD86’s Fifa08-11 boot textures you have? We have no bootmakers and currently can’t get help from modders of the soccer forum.
Let us know if you can help mate, would be much appreciated.
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