FIFA12 faces + FaceGen


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New v3.3 The first model set with FIFA12 faces geometry

Download essential files:

du_oro10's FIFA12 FaceGen model set:

du_oro10's Complement files for FIFA12 faces:

Here the video tutorial:

How to add Import/Export CF UI Toolbar to 3DS Max Video Tutorial

Here videotutorial

My tutorial to avoid gray hairs v2

Click on image


1. I can't change the model set for FIFA12 faces v3.3, it prompt me to the FaceGen website.

Riddler;3243668 said:
Hai Everyone.. Its me again.. Those who cannot use du_oro10's model-set 3.3, please read this. I had the same problem till today. I was experimenting with the Facegen Modeller Software and I think I found a way to use du_oro10's model-set 3.3.

Replace the contents of "csamDefault" folder in the following locations with du_oro10's model-set contents:

a. C:\Program Files\Singular Inversions\FaceGen Modeller 3.1\csamDefault
b. C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name>\AppData\Roaming\FaceGen\Modeller3\ModelSets\csamDefault
c. C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Singular Inversions\ csamDefault

By doing this you can use du_oro10's model-set as default Modelset and it can be used to make Fifa faces.

2. i have a problem when i import obj . it look like that
thienan_2146;3262891 said:

plz help me

Screen by Speak:

3. (From saeedavril) new problem !!!!
model export facegen :

SckraT-rus;3264364 said:
Use this setting:
Scale: 1.000000
Other 0.000000

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Ok thanks mate, yes I am working in a finest model to exploit all usage of FaceGen. And lets wait until FIFA11/12 faces converter of master Rinaldo releases.

Could you please take an In Game pic?


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Nop, I didn't say that, this work aims to use FaceGen to easily model FIFA11 3D faces, but still needing the FIFA11/FIFA12 RX3 conversor


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i tried it but when i change the model set to fifa11 model the texture is default...

And when i export the model as obj the texture is default too...

the exported texture: