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Fidel excuse my ignorance, you could use the gameplay of fifa 20 (archers, etc) for fifa 19, I'm still waiting to buy it, if not forgive my question.
psd- and in case anyone has any doubt, I have purchased since fifa 13 origin, Thank you.

This is my thought for you:
You must buy FIFA 20 because it's beautiful, applying powerful Mods will become fabulous and spectacular.

Bye bro

Fidel Gameplay

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Hi FIFA fans,



Piemonte Calcio id 114153
The historic Juventus id 45 has been removed from the db
Allianz Stadium (Juventus Stadium) id 247 has been removed from the db

Finally the: tattooleftleg, etc...

Anyway is required to fix some things and make the database stable,
in order to display all the values correctly.
This is a test draw from a binary full legacy chunk.
The package will include the main db and very important xml file to decode
values and display them in DBMaster.

Very soon it will be shared, now I am tired, I have worked very hard to achieve this.
In the meantime, try to ask yourself how this miracle is possible!

I'll reply to any request in the next days.

Thanks for all the comments.

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Hello everyone, first of all thanks Fidel for your time,work and sharing yours mods with us, as others said before they deliver a whole new experience.

I'm writing this post to ask for help about a minor issue. I've installed the lastest version FAES 5.2 and it everything is working fine, I can feel the change on the AI and the visual tweaks. Nonetheless I'm using the LV4_PLAY_DIFFERENTLY DB and the players got their new status and they appear in game. However when playing CM some players got their OVRL updated to the new values but others don't, and I've tested a couple of time and it's always the same players. I don't know if anyone faced this situation before or if there's something I should try before trying to reinstal the game and the mods.

It isn't that big of a issue as in-game the players display the correct overall.

P.S: my fifa is updated to the August patch, it's located on a C:/games/FIFA19 (directory) and if necessary i can upload any of the logs. In the annex there's a print screen of my starting eleven and bench in game and in the CM menu, as you can see some players updated theirs overalls after the summer cup but others (like Gudmundsson) don't

grazie mille per tutto Fidel

Hello, thank you for the post.

Please try to explain the problem better and briefly.


Fidel Gameplay

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@Fidel Gameplay I download Creation Master 19 and problem "error 10004" :(( Help me! :( I install NETFramework and DirectX .


seems an error not connected directly to the CM19 (read only).
When does this error appear? At tool start? Opening the main db?
Always download and apply suggested MS components. If already done, honestly it's not easy to help.

Try to download Creation Wizard 19 by Slim, this db tool allows you to read and write.


Fidel Gameplay

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I hope you purchased it already, you know, game will be playable tomorrow. Or we will wait of course :)


I'm happy for you, have fun with FIFA 20.

About me:
I have already given information about,
this year I don't have Origin Premium, no Origin Access, no pre-order.
This means no pre-load (which requires at least 4 days and more in my city)
As soon as I can I will buy the FIFA 20 STANDARD EDITION, in this case you already know the release dates.

I hope to start the game at the end of September.
Sincerely I don't know about Mods, I will create the 20 thread only when possible.


Fidel Gameplay

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FIFA 20 Demo - initfs_Win32 - Decompressed (RAM)
Read-only version for Modders or people interested.

This version of the file is useful to check and read information with a Hex Editor or Notepad+.
For example you can see if your GTX is in the fb profile list, or other data (use the search function).
This version is not working, so avoid editing it.

New AD Section, this year also for Volta and Fut (offline):



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Fidel Gameplay

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FIFA 20 Demo (the same will be for the Full) -- Adboards list:

0x763f4ce8 (18): 0x000000dynamic_01
0x763f4d14 (18): 0x000000dynamic_02
0x763f4d40 (18): 0x000000dynamic_03
0x763f4d6c (18): 0x000000dynamic_04
0x763f4d98 (18): 0x000000dynamic_05
0x763f4dc4 (18): 0x000000dynamic_06
0x763f4df0 (18): 0x000000dynamic_07
0x763f4e1c (18): 0x000000dynamic_08
0x763f4e48 (18): 0x000000dynamic_09
0x763f4e74 (18): 0x000000dynamic_10
0x763f4ea0 (18): 0x000000InjuryTime
0x763f4ecc (16): 0x000000EAOrigin
0x763f4ef8 (24): 0xE31A4CLeipzigInstagram
0x763f4f24 (15): 0xFFFFFFFUT_One
0x763f4f50 (15): 0x55ACEETwitter
0x763f4f7c (18): 0xFFFFFFBundesliga
0x763f4fa8 (16): 0x000000eaaccess
0x763f4fd4 (27): 0xBD1F25Tottenham_Hotelscom
0x763f5000 (30): 0xFFFFFFChelsea_YokoTire_white
0x763f502c (15): 0xFFFFFFFUT_Two
0x763f5058 (23): 0x1D1D1BEverton_Megafon
0x763f5084 (25): 0xD22B28Bournemouth_Umbro
0x763f50b0 (21): 0x000000Common_Adidas
0x763f50dc (15): 0x000000generic
0x763f5108 (23): 0x000000AstonVilla_Luke
0x763f5134 (20): 0x940A11FUT_NewItems
0x763f5160 (21): 0x1E1E1ETottenhamAudi
0x763f518c (21): 0xE6E6E6Tottenham_IWC
0x763f51b8 (26): 0xE6E6E6EAsportsFacebook02
0x763f51e4 (16): 0x000000HaysBlue
0x763f5210 (20): 0x000000DavantiTyres
0x763f523c (21): 0x8BDFDDManCity_Tecno
0x763f5268 (13): 0x000000Nexen
0x763f5294 (28): 0xFFFFFFTottenham_KumhoTyres
0x763f52c0 (19): 0x000000TheFACup_v1
0x763f52ec (23): 0x000000EAsportsYoutube
0x763f5318 (23): 0x201C55EAsportsComFIFA
0x763f5344 (18): 0x201C55AnnualFIFA
0x763f5370 (25): 0x3E6C93EAsportsInstagram
0x763f539c (18): 0x326295FifaDotCom
0x763f53c8 (22): 0x6CADDFManCity_Social
0x763f53f4 (19): 0xFF0A0AVirginMedia
0x763f5420 (30): 0x000000SouthamptonUnderArmour
0x763f544c (27): 0xFFFFFFSouthamptonSaintsFC
0x763f5478 (28): 0xFFFFFFSouthamptonInstagram
0x763f54a4 (17): 0x000000EqualGame
0x763f54d0 (22): 0xC50E2AManCity_Nissan
0x763f54fc (18): 0xFF3030EmiratesRM
0x763f5528 (16): 0x201C55EAsports
0x763f5554 (21): 0x2F003BPremierLeague
0x763f5580 (13): 0xFFFFFFUmbro
0x763f55ac (19): 0xE20E0EManU_Social
0x763f55d8 (16): 0x000000ManU_APP
0x763f5604 (11): 0xCFDCE8MLS
0x763f5630 (26): 0x000000Bournemouth_CSTLED
0x763f565c (34): 0x000000Bournemouth_JuniorCherries
0x763f5688 (26): 0x000000Bournemouth_afcbTV
0x763f56b4 (37): 0xFE012EBournemouth_FollowTheCherries
0x763f56e0 (17): 0x000000ManU_MUTV
0x763f570c (25): 0x3463A5WestHam_Kissimmee
0x763f5738 (36): 0x013258Bournemouth_EveryoneTogether
0x763f5764 (19): 0x001489Chelsea_App
0x763f5790 (11): 0x000000SAP
0x763f57bc (24): 0x000000ManCity_Etisalat
0x763f57e8 (27): 0x000000Tottenham_Hotelscom
0x763f5814 (14): 0x0B4EA2PS4Pro
0x763f5840 (30): 0xF60531Bournemouth_Superstore
0x763f586c (22): 0x6541A5EAsportsTwitch
0x763f5898 (23): 0xFFFFFFBournemouth_Uni
0x763f58c4 (25): 0xE6E6E6LiverpoolFacebook
0x763f58f0 (19): 0xE6E6E6LiverpoolFC
0x763f591c (16): 0x000000PepsiMax
0x763f5948 (18): 0x1E1E1EEnterprise
0x763f5974 (25): 0x000000StandardChartered
0x763f59a0 (13): 0x000000Blank
0x763f59cc (13): 0xFFFFFFFedEx
0x763f59f8 (18): 0x002C5FHyundai_20
0x763f5a24 (26): 0x000000WestHam_MuchBetter
0x763f5a50 (18): 0xFFFFFFLycamobile
0x763f5a7c (27): 0x000000SouthamptonLdSports
0x763f5aa8 (21): 0xFFFFFFGenericCenter
0x763f5ad4 (19): 0x000000Hyundai_Kia
0x763f5b00 (22): 0x000000ManU_Chevrolet
0x763f5b2c (30): 0x632935WestHam_ComeOnYouIrons
0x763f5b58 (17): 0xFFFFFFHankookRM
0x763f5b84 (22): 0xE6E6E6UEFA_Hotelscom
0x763f5bb0 (14): 0x0E280CEvaAir
0x763f5bdc (21): 0xD11044Tottenham_AIA
0x763f5c08 (11): 0x000000Kia
0x763f5c34 (16): 0xC60000Emirates
0x763f5c60 (16): 0x170302CPFC_App
0x763f5c8c (18): 0x2c292cMastercard
0x763f5cb8 (23): 0x02070DCPFC_Membership
0x763f5ce4 (15): 0xFFFFFFGazprom
0x763f5d10 (17): 0xEC0000Santander
0x763f5d3c (19): 0x034694Chelsea_Web
0x763f5d68 (22): 0xFFFFFFUEFAFoundation
0x763f5d94 (26): 0x0D2155CPFC_LocalPartners
0x763f5dc0 (18): 0x07548CBassetGold
0x763f5dec (15): 0xFFFFFFHankook
0x763f5e18 (18): 0x070707CPFC_Brand
0x763f5e44 (27): 0x326295FIFA_LivingFootball
0x763f5e70 (22): 0x000000ManCity_Etihad
0x763f5e9c (21): 0x01238AEverton_Umbro
0x763f5ec8 (23): 0xFFFFFFCPFC_Foundation
0x763f5ef4 (20): 0x6E5C9ACPFC_Utilita
0x763f5f20 (22): 0x000000Common_PUMA_16
0x763f5f4c (18): 0xCE281ENewBalance
0x763f5f78 (27): 0x080B17Norwich_AlanBoswell
0x763f5fa4 (24): 0xFFFFFFChelsea_YokoTire
0x763f5fd0 (19): 0x1151A0Playstation
0x763f5ffc (31): 0xFFFFFFCPFC_RoyalInternational
0x763f6028 (22): 0xEDCFCFWeAreLiverpool
0x763f6054 (20): 0xFDDD00WesternUnion
0x763f6080 (15): 0xE6E6E6LFC_AXA
0x763f60ac (16): 0xB51411LFC_TvGo
0x763f60d8 (19): 0xB51411LFC_YouTube
0x763f6104 (16): 0xEE2C72vitality
0x763f6130 (12): 0x00175AAmex
0x763f615c (24): 0x000000BrightonSnickers
0x763f6188 (21): 0x000033THFC_Branding
0x763f61b4 (16): 0x000033CPFC_Kit
0x763f61e0 (27): 0x000000Norwich_NorwichCity
0x763f620c (23): 0xFFFFFFNorwich_Regency
0x763f6238 (21): 0x000000Norwich_Aviva
0x763f6264 (21): 0xFFFFFFNorwich_Errea
0x763f6290 (14): 0x000000Kohler
0x763f62bc (16): 0x1E1E1ECokeZero
0x763f62e8 (13): 0x0C419AWanda
0x763f6314 (15): 0x002C5FHyundai
0x763f6340 (13): 0x69043BQatar
0x763f636c (12): 0x101974VISA
0x763f6398 (29): 0x060042Center_WomensWorldCup
0x763f63c4 (19): 0x000000Common_Nike
0x763f63f0 (24): 0x000000WestHam_Vanquish

You can already get this information from the database, or here,
in the future you'll see the same entries in Frosty Editor.
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I'm happy for you, have fun with FIFA 20.

About me:
I have already given information about,
this year I don't have Origin Premium, no Origin Access, no pre-order.
This means no pre-load (which requires at least 4 days and more in my city)
As soon as I can I will buy the FIFA 20 STANDARD EDITION, in this case you already know the release dates.

I hope to start the game at the end of September.
Sincerely I don't know about Mods, I will create the 20 thread only when possible.


Allright Fidel, thanks a lot for your works again. I will wait for it.


Youth Team
u too i think you were lurking in the shadows , the team is almost complete now
welcome back

Thanks my friend, but this year I do not buy Fifa, I can no longer enjoy myself.
To put it like your avatar, I switched to the dark side of force... :D
I needed new motivation, but I always follow you with pleasure, in life there is always something to learn ...;)

Fidel Gameplay

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I use Creation Wizard is no problem. Creation Master error is 1. Select all. 2. Select folder FIFA 19. 3. Error 10004.

You can't point the CM tool to the FIFA 19 folder, that way it doesn't work.
Please try to read text info on the select folder screen or in the documentation:
is required to select the \FIFA 16 folder to generate data preview.
Alternatively you can make and select a fake folder, and you can use the tool just to browse/check ids in the db.
You can also update tool's source db and language db if required.

This tool was created at the beginning of last season and is used like this on both with RDBM:

I have already shared many details and tips for how to best use and edit everything in real time.
This tool is for already experienced users to manually edit via DBMaster or RDBM.