FIFA21 Extra National Teams Patch 6.0


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Now All languages supported !

English Spanish(ES/MX) Chinese(CN/HK) French German Italian Portuguese(BR/PT) Japanese Korean Polish Turkish Arabic Russian Danish Czech Norwegian Swedish Dutch
Hello, is there any instructions on how to make it support not only English,but several more? Your patches always support more than one language. THANKS


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Hello friend, I have played career mode and in December I do not see the FIFA Club World Cup. Is this the fifa club world cup? thanks good work!


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update 2.3, this time mainly edited competition structure to make it more stable and fixed the Italy kits crash bug
Hi, in 2.2 you named River Plate Corinthians, I hope you fixed it. Or if you upload the project file we can do that ourselves as well as replace some teams with our own, for instance I would like to add Lebanon in place of another Asian team