FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 11.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3


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TU10 support.
I am thinking add more europe national teams in 7.0, but the space may not enough.
national teams such as San Marino Andorra Malta, Faroe Islands, etc., should be added to make the qualifying rounds in Europe as credible as possible and there will be a place for sure


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Have you thought about adding Charlotte FC to MLS + CONCACAF Champions League (did read u mention CONCACAF CL)? Would be awesome



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7.0 released. Add Honduras and El Salvador. Now North America qualification contains 8 teams with 14 rounds just same as reality. Concacaf Champions League also come back in career mode and tournament mode. Update some kits and graphics.
Good job bro.

Can you share with me Kit Ids national team. Thank you so much :D


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do you think it would be possible to add 5 substitutions per game instead of the default 3 substitutions?

Pd: Good Job Bro!!