FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 12.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3


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Hello on for Modder from FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 8.0,please the Teams with correct names and National logos insert and the Club´s,and please bug fix if it possible is,and can she please also a Video to the for respective tournament insert (Fifa Clup World Cup and Fifa World Cup,Uefa Euro Africa of Nation Cup,Copa America,Asia Cup AFC Campions League,Concocaf Champions League insert,please please without bugs and in goods Qualität 1080p dissolution,this be good for this Mod,and thanks thanks,and sorry for my bad english.

Have you also access on the player data the youth player,because is Potenzial bugs, (Potenzial error)

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Hello Paul. I've the ENT 8.0 mod and already downloaded Squads, but in FIFA MM it still saying that the mod was created in another version and maybe it won't work well.
When I enter FIFA, it doesn't show me the ENT mod Screen, and the national teams are there but with random kits and Random names. Is that ok with the recent fifa update or what should I do?

I mean, the mod is still working on Career Mode, etc? It seems that the only problem are National Team kits.

Thank you so much. Great work with this patch.
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How are you bro
I have a problem that occurred while switching between other mods.. The patch was working fine, but suddenly the flags of the added teams became yellow and the FIFA logo and the kits became all the same!
What is the cause of the problem and is there a solution?


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Fifa mod manager now says the mod was for a different version of fifa after the update? And now normal fifa is launching instead of the mod. How do I get it to work it was working fine before the Fifa update


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Hello Paul,i have following problem With this Mod 8.0,error crash from Fifa 22 (DirecX funcion Get Device Removed Reason failed with DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG The GPU will not respond to more commands GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Driver 51295 This Error is usually caused by the graphics driver crashing try installing the last drivers) thanks for the help.

And i have one Budget bug from 286.000.000. new Budget 181.300.000 on the new Saison,like cann is be the i -105.000.000 lost have.
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Hey sorry to be annoying, but the groups in the World Cup tournament mode are still not the real groups (i switched peru to australia already)


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When i try to launch the mod it says that the mod was created for a different game version. How do i fix that?


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Hello Paul this mod is very beautiful, i like this

Will you add new season club jerseys?
Can you also edit jersey numbers for national teams?


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Since Fifa's last update on origin, all national teams' crests and kits disappeared. Do you know how to put them back ? Thanks for your amazing work !