FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 12.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3


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hi bro your mod is very good, I hope you can add a lot of competitions and other Asian countries, I want to say that the squar for the Indonesian national team is still the old one


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Can we expect a version of "country flag mod' to allow us to change emblems of national teams for flags(in all menus), just like old fifa WC games (14,10 ect;)?


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To see the Indonesian national team squad on the web
For the squad that is still wrong in the Indonesian national team, there are some that are no longer there
you are just kidding. Every body know national teams squad changes months to months. How can you say which represent the real squad. like my China national team, the squad changes months to months, the newest squad may not representative than the older one. So what I can do is make them as new as possible but not promise the newest. Even during the world cup the national team changes their squad. If you don't satisfy the squad just do yourself.

And I don't need your transfermarket reference because I know it and other website. I know better than you. You post a link is easy but create players from the link and make them working in the GAME is another story. Understand?
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I have a problem with French version. A lot of national teams are *Teamname abbr 15..." Something to do ? (all is ok with loc...).

Thanks a lot and for all the job


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Can you tell me what this error is and how I can fix it?


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Hello paul2008me123,i have Game crash,Mod version 10 and aktuele and also new version 11,this Mod is very nice and good,i would/want this Mod one Let´s play make,this is not to good this Game crash (without error message) for me Let´s Play for this Mod,thanks for the help

I Have Game crash be one Qualifikation Match not Simulation,one Normal Game Match (Qualifikaton all Continent and this game crash without Game Error.
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hi first this is a very great mod been enjoying normal worldcup in tournament and playing it in career mode but theres one thing the chants of japan ares ooo loud i cant hear the normal stadium or the commentators is there a way to make it more quiet without turning down the volume of the normal stadium because thats perfect its just the custom chant


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hello, i havent played this game in two days, at monday the game was going good and everything was normal, i played the world cup mode for argentina, today i wanted to play the world cup mode for brazil, but the squads for the world cup teams werent there, i tried moving some squad documents away but it just doesnt work, can you help me?


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and when i want to play career mode with my created club and created players, it shows me a different career mode with generated players , for example: i had a career mode club called Ladomierská vieska and with players, that i created on the main menu and just free signed them to my club ladomerska vieska, but when i click at the career called ladomerska vieska, it shows me a different saved career mode - šk slovan. also when i am looking for my created players, it looks like they are not in game anymore. i hope you understood what i wrote here, can i fix it somehow?


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excellent work, just seen this dream version 11.0 :)


maybe a 12.0 coming with the missing UEFA teams except Gibraltar to get 9 more and UEFA groups of 6 teams instead of 5? :D (only gibraltar would miss maybe).

I still haven't check but seen you added Indonesia to AFC, I thought Kuwait was somewhere but I can not see it on teams list it was erased?