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In my website I'm just collecting kits and when I don't find some of them I create them.
If you're a kit maker I'll be glad if you send me to post your kits on my website and If I forgot about mentioning your name, please leave a comment or send me a message. At the end of the day we all helping each other to play this game.

FIFAMoro.com was a dream for me when I was a kid. Here you'll find; Logos, Adboards, Kit Numbers, Fonts, Flags, Tools, Stadiums, Armbands, Gloves, Trophies, Minikits, Minifaces, Banners, Pitch Graphics and Obviously the Kits..

-National Teams Kits

Europe - UEFA
- Premier League Kits
- LaLiga Kits
- Serie A Kits

- Bundesliga
- Ligue 1
- Liga NOS
- Eredivisie

South America - CONMEBOL
- Brasileiro Série A
- Superliga Argentina

North America - CONCACAF
- Liga MX

Africa - CAF
- Botola Kits
- Egyptian Premier League
- Tunisian Ligue 1
- Algerian Ligue 1 Mobilis

- Rest of African Clubs (for CAF Champions League)

-Kits Templates

Raja Casablanca | 2019/2020

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Youth Team
Kits | Chabab Ben Guerir | 2019/2020