FIFER's Frosty Editor/Mod Manager Tutorials


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Good Morning ,
Sometimes when I make a mod by frosty editor, I save Mod, I export Mod, the first time it works, but sometimes the mod content doesn't appear in the game, especially the graphics, logos, kits etc .... Why?


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I had this question for myself but there's no need for me to create a thread just for this.
So I'll leave it here if you don't mind:

To run FIFA 20 with mods applied directly without having to open Frosty and click 'Launch':

Make a bat file in Frosty Mod Manager Installation folder with the following line:

FrostyModManager.exe -launch Default

Where 'Default' is your Frosty Mod Manager profile name.
You can check your profile name in Frosty Mod Manager window.
(by default it's called Default)

Now just run the bat, the game will be launched without you having to open Frosty window and click 'launch'.​


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Hi guys
I have a problem with the db mods

when I edit the file "fifa_ng_db" nothing happens. I created fbmod but the game is not open.
I changed player name in table "dcplayenames" OSWALDINATO TO GABIGOL
saved my work, created a fbmod file. When i trie start the game with MODMANAGER, game is not open.
I use db master and frosty editor
can you help me?
thank you so much :)