Figo to Manchester United??

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Hey i was just reading in "The Sun" that Manchester United are ready to tale a £5m bid to Real Madrid for Luis Figo, The Sun's never the most reliable source of info, but wat do you guys reckon?


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Could be true seeing as Madrid said they wont be renew Figo's contract, so they might sell him in December to get some kind of profit from him.


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They should play their youngsters rather than buying some 32 year old.

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yeah. C Ronaldo looks very nice, not worse, than Figo now.
Nah, Figo is better looking.

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Originally posted by Fernandez
If you believe in The Sun, you probably believe in Cinderella. :ewan:

I wouldn't be surprised if he did, I mean look at his name...

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It sounds really stupid... at least for this season cause Figo played with Real Madrid the qualifier of CL, so he cant play CL with other team during this season

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No article about this on portuguese press yet, so it´s prolly just bs to sell newspapers. And i also think that Man Utd should focus on getting/promoting youngsters, they are getting way behind Arsenal when you compare both teams prospects.

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I doubt that he would be a flop at the Epl. What im saying is that Manchester United currently doesn´t need a player with Figo caractheristics. He is cup tied for the european competitions and the timing for a transfer is all wrong now. Besides Figo last year was Real´s second best player behind Ronaldo i doubt that he would flop in a less demanding enviroment.