File Manager 11, Edit all archived files in FIFA 11 PC -- Release Date TBA --


Youth Team
Hi all,

A new Game with a new structure, but yet, No one can stop editing.
That's why I am planning to release my new tool that can browse/edit all files stored in the "dataX.big".

The tool is named File Manager 11.

Beta2.1 Release Date: 04/12/2010.

Beta2.1 Features:

- Browse/edit all files stored in the "dataX.big" files.
- Search for a specific file within the archived "dataX.big" files.
- Multi-File export (you should search first).
- Create new GUI files (for adding teams and players).
- Saving problem fixed.
- Fixed the bug of some GUI not appearing in game.
- Non-BIG files are now supported (via a built-in Hex Editor).
- BIG file browser (for Hex editing non graphics files, ex: popups ).-

Download Link:

For Updates, please Check any of the links below:


Youth Team

Maybe you combine your tool with Jor1980. He already has the knowhow about rx3 files. Could be a perfect tool if you two work together :)


Youth Team
Waiting for the release :33vff3o:
شغل عالى يا مان ;)


Youth Team
Thanks all for your comments.

apollox;2949954 said:
Great work and waiting for release ;)
But I find the buttons a little bit to huge

And I find them a little bit small :P

tunizizou;2949877 said:
hope that with this tool we can open commentary files ( .sbs files into data5)
BrunolokoIF;2949962 said:
it's possible? :confused:

I didn't work on them, but I will give it a try after finishing the ".rx3".