FitriMira 2010 Boots and Graphics


thanks fitri, but unfortunately i can only do so much to it w/o having to redo parts of it from scratch which i dont have time for.


Youth Team
Hi, Another boot for you. This one is the most popular requested. For those who wants this boot. I hope that this one will cheer you up.

Reebok Instante Pro White/Black/Athletic Yellow



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hi FritiMira you can make the new adidas f50 adizero


Youth Team
Hi, Im back with another old & popular request. This boot was another though one because lack of pics. After mixing with PES texture (thanks to osamasamadi) and a lil drawing, I think the boot is ready to release. So, for those who wanted this boots for such a long time, I hope that this will cheer your day again.

Reebok Valde II Pro - Steel/Metallic Red/Dark Graphite/Black

Please Enjoy

@ shadowveteran > Sure. Once I have the desired pics of that Adizero.