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I am living and working in Japan at the moment and am about to purchase an xbox 360. I really enjoyed playing Football manager 2006 on my PSP, so I want to buy the next version, well a version with all the features of the PC, and the 360 version might give me that. The question I have is the game region coded?, or will it be region coded?. I know last years wasn`t so will this years be?, any help would be much appreciated.


man, this game and the PES exclusiveness(if it's real) will probably give the 360 the edge if i buy it or the PS3....


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Filipower said:
man, this game and the PES exclusiveness(if it's real) will probably give the 360 the edge if i buy it or the PS3....
Definately (Y).

Rewind back a couple of years. I bought my PS2 for the sake of one game (well, I played many other games but they weren't my primary reason of getting a PS2): Winning Eleven.
I don't think many people will come to look at the specs of the 360 or PS3 but on the games that each platform offers and is going to offer. Personally, if I had the money, I'd get the XBOX 360 without a single moment of hesitation just because of FM2007 and PES.


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