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I was kinda tempted for nostalgia until I saw his wage demands, still a CM/FM ledge in my eyes. (H)


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So after quite some time, I decided to pick up my save with Pro Vercelli again. And we did extremely well. My goal was to improve upon the position we finished last year, which was 13th. We did that and more. Here's the table.

Oh yes, that's right. European football is coming to Vercelli! For next season I hope to at least equal this years performance, if not improve towards the CL-spots. And secretly I hope to get finally win some silverware (most probably the Italian cup than), something I haven't done yet with this team.


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ShiftyPowers;2840670 said:
FIRST SEASON!!!! Total Football baby, look at those goals (H)

How about the EPL top goalscorers

Just so you don't think this was entirely due to Mideast cash, here's the squad. Balotelli arrived in January; Stuart Taylor started 13(!!!!) games in goal for me in the Premiership too because of fragile ******* Given.

This was probably my favorite FM season ever.


Yeah I went with him. If you said Tevez I'd be pissed (H) The reason was obviously the age and the fact that I was going to pay 700k a month instead of the 175 I'm giving Neymar.


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That total football formation made me sentimental and wanting to try it out. I started looking around for clubs (City is the best with Aguero/Cryuff and Yaya/Neeskens), but then realized that my Fiorentina team, the 4-4-2 greats, were much better positioned than any club at the start to play that way. I've had the Total Football tactic as my #3 as we slowly gain familiarity, and decided to unveil it in a Champions League Group Stage home game against Young Boys. One minute into the game...

Wow, that's bad quality.

It might work.