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Sagan Tosu



Starting XI
Hey Ilnur, thanks for all the fonts. I think I saw you mention somewhere that you haven't found a way to fix the diacritics (must have been on your VK page), if that's still the case maybe this info will help:

From the legend Adrioliv:
"I don't know why, but I've noticed that in FIFA14 you have to change some characters positions in .ttf file to work correctly in game. This is a table showing the correspondent positions:"

Á = ¡ (exclamdown)
à = √ (radical)
À = ¿ (questiondown)
Æ = Δ (delta)
É = ... (ellipsis)
È = » (guillemotright)
Ç = « (guillemotleft)
Ï = œ (oe)
Í = õ (otilde)
Ó = ˝(quotedblright)
Ô = `(quoteleft)
Ö = ÷ (divide)
Ñ = ― (emdash)
Ú = / (fraction)
Ü = < (guilsinglleft)
Ø = ÿ (ydieresis)

ã = ,, (quotedblbase)
á = • (periodcentered)
é = È (Egrave)
í = Ì (Igrave)
ç = Á (Aacute)
ñ = Ò (Ograve)

Hope this helps!

Also, if possible, could you please try to recreate this font? Been looking for ages and it's nowhere to be found: