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I'm thinking of going to the USA next summer to be a football coach at a summer camp. I have a few websites where i have got some info but if any body has any websites or have coached in the USA could they please tell me the website or where i can get some info



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Speaking of which, I've always wanted to coach a team at like the U-12 or U-13 level and just see them all the way until they go off to college, how do I get started on the coaching track? I have to get certified by some coaching school or something like that right?

Adz GK1

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For me, i went on to the english fa's official website and they gave me the e-mail address for the local fa for my area. i e-mailed them saying i wanted to become a coach. They then sent me a pack with various course dates and i just took it from there.

Then from there its just a case of gainin some experience with a local side. I used my clubs youth teams and from there on i've got a job workin as a goalkeeper coach for my local authority.

Not sure how you become one in the usa but there seems to be a fair bit of info on it on US Soccer. Look in the coaches menu on the info bar on the left