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Hi all, I've been out of this mod community for the last couple of years (I used to model stadiums). Now I'm starting my own football game in Unity (yeah, you read right). I know that this kind of genre it's one of the most complex for indie developers around but I don't care, I'm really tired of the last Fifas to be honest (didn't played it since the 2017 edition), tired of their passiveness, lack of real inovation, lack of real game mode improvements and the most important for me, lack of content creation features. That's why Ive decided to start it my own project, but after some months of "one man army" development I eventually realised that I need help.

I'm aiming to create something that really enables the mod community to create content whithin the game and share it around. I dont intend that this project have any licenses, instead, the plan is to develop tools inside the game to allow real content creation/import such as:

Club kits
Referee kits
Maybe even stadiums in the future

Of course that at least a decent gameplay is also planned together with a deep career mode among other game modes.

I know that my project is very ambitious and some of you might think that I'm insane to even purpose a challenge against big brands like Fifa and PES. But I'm positive that most of you guys would love a game like that, a game that really supports the mod community, a game that is really opened to be improved by the community, a game that really cares about your work and efforts...

Anyway, if you have some gamedev programming and/or modelling knowledge and would like to join me, you can send me a PM. If you haven't, you can spread the word for someone that might be interested in such a project. The project is entirely based on free collaboration for now, depending on its progress, a crowdfunding launch will be considered.

That's it for now, thanks for your time.


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Gamers love to hate on game developers, but it's worth noting that the Madden development team is pretty big. A couple hundred people that do actually work on the game full-time. Getting an open-source project together of that size is an extremely daunting task. Madden has about as much Kodi nox code as a Linux kernel, for perspective.
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