*Football Manager 2005 Downloads* also includes patches for WWSM 2005


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You put them in the "...\Football Manager 2005\data\db\" folder. Make a backup of the originals, the update might not be to your liking.


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We don't know either. There's a number of sites listed in the first post where you could try.

(message to all: any additions to that list are very very welcome)


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Meh, I've searched everywhere there aren't any italian kits whatsoever on the net anymore since Susie closed...


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Just thought I'd post this

Matt Quartz said:
Finally the waiting is over and the update is here!!!

Click the link above and get downloading now.

Major leagues across Europe have been updated, including:-











Some other changes have been implemented as well, so check it out now.

FM sorted has released it's september update.
Grab it up right here: http://files.filefront.com/FM_Sorted_September_Update/;4167111;;/fileinfo.html


how do i install the italian superpack with the serie a, b and c1?? the readme file comes in italian, wich for me is the same as non-existant :rolleyes:



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Euro League v2

This update make the scottish league to a Euro Super League with all the best teams in the scottish league.

Superleague Info:

Based off of the Scottish league, there are 4 divisions:
Premier, Platinum, Gold and Silver, with 12, 10, 10, and 10 teams in each, respectively.

The reputation of all Euro Leagues have been raised along with the coefficients, making the Euro league the preferred destination for the world's stars.

League reputations of England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and more have been slightly lowered, and most of the Scottish teams that replaced the super teams were put into the lower divisions.

All award names have been changed, all (Scottish) competition history cleared to start anew.

All countries in the world have been added as EEC nations, eliminating the need for work permits.

Champions League and UEFA Cup still exist, the top sides in the Premier League/Cup winners get the chance for the big pay-day.

Scottish league's bottom division is "closed" meaning no relegation/promotion of non-league minnows after the season.

Reputations of all Euro squads altered to fit with divisional seedings.

Transfers updated to after the January Transfer Window.

--- NB!! Remember to take backup of your original DB files ----



To enhance the feel, Download the logo pack made for this release and unpack it to the game to go along with the league. To use these, extract them into your "/Football Manager2005/data/graphics/pictures/competitions/sco folder, overwriting where necessary.

Again, backup your current files.

The logo pack can be downloaded from here: http://www.fmdownloads.com/download/files/updates/various_update/logopack/EuroLogos.zip



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Im unsticking this thread from now on, if anyone desperatly disagrees then feel free to post.

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