*Football Manager 2005 Downloads* also includes patches for WWSM 2005


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There is one being made, but to be honest, I don't like it very much:



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No, last post in its thread at sortitoutsi.net was 23rd Jan, and at sigames.com it was 24th. Keep a lookout at www.sortitoutsi.net, as it does seem to be finished :S


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Vincent's FM Update 5

Added in new version:
• Updated transfers in Europe, Eastern Europe, U.S.A. and Brazil.
• Added lots of 2nd nationalities
• Changed couple of kits
• Changed mananger wages(English Premier Division)
• Put all the Dutch transfers on the right date.
• Changed some positions and ability’s of the Spain youth(u’20/u’21 Internationals)

• Arrigo Sacchi to Real Madrid, Angelos Charisteas to Ajax(January), Tinga to Internacional(January), Gigi Maifredi to Lazio, Ali Boussaboun to Feyenoord(July), Wanderley Luxemburgo to Real Madrid, Jean-Alain Boumsong to New Castle(January) Mimoun Azaouagh to Schalke(January), David Limbersky to the Spurs(loan), Les Ferdinand to Reading(January), Diego Daniel Barreto to Valladolid(January), Piotr Trochowski to Hamburg SV(January), Tom Soetaers to RC Genk(January), Bixente Lizarazu to Bayern Munchen(January), Thomas Buffel to Glasgow Rangers(January), Chong Gug Song to Suwon(January), Mauricio Pellegrino to Liverpool(January), Jiri Jarosik to Chelsea(January), Mohamed Zidan to Werder Bremen(loan), Fernando Morientes to Liverpool(January), Wesley Sonck to Gladbach(loan, future transfer, July), Adrian Mutu to Livorno (but still suspended untill 18/5/2005 and in July to Juventus), Smolarek to Dortmund(loan), Nicola Legrottaglie to Bologna(loan), Simone Inzaghi to Sampdoria(loan), Robbie Savage to Blackburn(January), Demetrio Albertini to Barcelona(January), Dino Zoff to Fiorentina, Mido to Tottenham(loan), Vincente Del Bosque fired, Elber to Gladbach(January), Nicolas Anelka to Fenerbahce(January), Eric Djemba Djemba to Aston Vila(January) and Vincent Candela to Bolton(January), Mikel Arteta to Everton(loan), Fabricio Coloccini to Deportivo(January), Valeri Bojinov to Fiorentina(January) Craig Bellamy to Celtic(loan), Barry Ferguson to Rangers(January) and much more.

FM 5.0.2 Patch installation required!

To install this update:
Open the winrar file, and extract it to C:/Program Files/
Overwrite things when prompted.

How to contact me:
go to http://www.cmfaq.com/faqinsider(Username: ViNNiie)

For more info about this update go to: http://www.cmfaq.com/faqinsider/index.php?showforum=17


Download here

Just to clarify, this is a FUTURE TRANSFER update...meaning the players would only move on the same date as in real life..This update is great and a must grab for all...:rockman:


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I usually don't even download updates.

It can do lots of crappy things with your game(so I've heard that is)


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Here's another update which i think is good..

Robi Robson & GeedieZ Revolution FM Update 1.3

- all the major (and the minor too!!! :P) transfers from all around the globe – from Europe to Asia and South America – dated up to 1.II.2005 – including the transfers of N. Anelka, G. Elber, V. Bojinov, N. Pazzini, B. Ferguson, W. Pandiani, C. Bellamy and hundreds of others,
- latest transfers from South America and Africa,
- manager changes from all around the globe,
- national managers changed – ie J.Goes (Estonia), Toshack and so on,
- many players history added and tweaked – indluding Z. Abbey, M. Reiziger, J.J. Okocha, D. Drogba, Geremi, M. Kezman and maaaaany, maaaany more!
- some injuries were added as well as removed, the same goes with drug-bans – ie Mutu,
- deleted many non-existant, deceased and doubled persons from database,
- non-existant loans were removed,
- many young, hot prospects were added to the database – including E. Manucharyan or talents from Hajduk Split, Varteks Varazdin, Inter (Z) and so on,
- players contract lengt was altered,
- many players retirement was included – ie Dugarry,
- many names was changed, the same goes to positions, potential, likes/dislikes – ie Bellamy – Souness and so on,
- many future transfers was added – those starting from the next season,
- changed French club names as well the Japaneese club names to the real ones,
- added some new clubs – ie FC Venta ( Latvian club where O. Luzhny starts his manager career) and FK Jurmala (also from Latvia),
- some club names were changed – ie FK Moscow, Stare Mesto to FC Slovacko and so on,

Download here


Extract the content of the file to your „FM 2005 Data/db” folder where „FM 2005” stands for you Football Manager 2005 installation directory. WARNING! Always remember to backup files from that directory first!

Please post any suggestions / opinions Smile

Cheers from Poland, land of the updaters :P

NOTE: This is not another Future Transfer update...this update has all they players at the right club at the start of the game..;)


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why all the updates crashes my game????
i try everithyng , i put the oficial patch 5.02, and the game crashes with the 2 updates in the first post of this topics


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I really can't say. I can't say they work fine for me, as I haven't tried them, and never will. What I can say is that updates created with v5.0.2 will not work with v5.0.0, and that starting a new game in v5.0.0 with a 5.0.2 database might corrupt your database, so you won't be able to use it on 5.0.2 either. Always make sure to patch the game to the latest available version before installing an update that doesn't say it can be used on 5.0.0.

I hope you backed up your database files like they suggested, otherwise you'll need to reinstall FM.