For Those Who Think Fifa2005 Is Best Game.


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iam writing this for the gamers who says FIFA 2005 is the best game,can you explain me what is so beutifull in this game?,i played this game and its first time happend that i uninstalled it after playing twice or thrice.Before it never happend with me playing fifa versions,no doubt gameplay is nice unlike other versions of FIFA,but only gameplay do not give satisfaction to the proffesional players all around the world,if you are a true fan of fifa and you are proffesional on jujding it then you will notice that this is very dissapointing version of FIFA,lets see how....did you notice about graphics?,the graphics are not in depth.stadiums are not high detailed at all and moreover when you play the game you notice that there are not cinematics of SUBSTITUTION...when you substitute a player you dont see any cut scene that a player coming to the ground and going off the ground...even not shows up on the screen,the possesion meter not shows up on the screen as well unlike other fifa versions.....what a mess ! are not able to play world cup in this game not even any other cup like europeon cup....just some club cups you can play...and making a custom cup with international teams is a mess !...when you are given teams to choose you have to choose them one by one and if you are choosing international teams and if you click "auto complete" then it choose club teams as well.....choosing teams manually is really a pain in the ass in FIFA 2005...commentry is old..even worse....FIFA2005 is unable to deliver the complete soccer experience to the proffesional players...this game is only for newbies....and the players like me ,its totally a dissapointment...i have been playing FIFA sicne 97 and this is the first time iam unistalling the game before i play it atleast a month or so....

before FIFA made 2002 worldcup with stunning graphics but with bad gameplay....FIFA2003 with average graphics and good gameplay...they made fifa2004 with good gameplay but bad graphics....what happend to fifa???...why they just cant make a complete soccer game ???..are they testing us??? or they think we are fool? my opinion fifa 98 was best game ever from fifa versions (ofcourse without graphics) people who says fifa 2005 is the best game ever i have a advice to them...that they should play some more soccer games to build up their experience with these kind of games.

i am playing EURO 2004 now....and it seems better game...even it seems FIFA2006.

and fifa should say thanks to WE that it doesnt have english version....otherwise nobody was going to get his hand on this rubbish game.


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Euro 2004 sucks compared to FIFA 05' I gotta admit that..but yeah WE ****s all over FIFA.