Formation with a holding midfielder


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Hi guys,

Is it possible to play a generic 4-4-2 formation, but use one of the central midfielders in a defensive role in front of the back 4 defenders? If so, how do I set this formation in the game?

I am finding that if I lose possession in the opposition half, my central midfielders are always in advanced positions making me vulnerable to counter attacks. The opposing attackers inevitably charge at my defenders who always seem to be too slow. I want to employ a holding midfielder to break up these attacks...



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why doesn't EA just do something so players can create a custom formation like PES???? honestly this is really annoying.
i want to be playing


but can't


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You can do it, just use the Creation Master07, and edit the formation 4-1-3-2, this is the formation that i use, and gives me great balance.


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It`s the advantage of this formation, u can go freely to attack that anyway u will always have at least 4 or 5 players defending, and also, if u recover the ball, lests u make faster counterattacks.