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I sustain this request, this format is very confusing and it's very hard to orientate on the main page. Simpler is better amd the old one is simple and straight to the point.

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad

I'm unable to edit my post in soccergaming.
I need to update my mod's index in my official thread (firts post) because a lot of links (pointing to sg forum) dead after forum platform update.
When I try to edit and save the system give me an error: I'm not authorized etc..... Also after this error all post images code will be corrupted.
Now my first post is really a disaster.
Please Admin help me, million of users email me with the same message:
where is your thread? Your mods index isn't working. Links and search function don't work.
At moment my reply for my fans is: browse manually pages inside my mod's thread from here (link updated):

And please re-enable advanced BB code visual and manual code editor to post edit/create option.
Or I need to wait some hours after login in new sg forum platform?

Now this forum is like the FROSTBITE game structure. Is this an update by DICE team?