French fonts


Youth Team
Hey here is my first font. I don't think I will be making a lot of fonts but here is the first one for Marseille.
I don't really think it's 100% accurate but at least it has the good color + it looks better than the one EA has done :)
Plz comment the font and help me if u have any pics.


Youth Team
Fiordy wrote a tutorial in his thread so u can follow it step by step and it's pretty simple
Here are the white numbers a lot of French clubs use


Starting XI
The font looks great on the Marseille kit, great job, are you going to make other colours for the other French teams?


Youth Team
@ curswine - yea I think I'm gonna try and do all the colors French teams use in Ligue and thanx for the comment

@Silencer - It's sent lazy u


Thanx and to FCK too ;)
Yeah lazy indeed :D
You will see the fonts back in my ss if the game doesn't crash :read: (Y)



Youth Team
Here are the fonts for Auxerre home and 4th. I give 2 versions one with wrinkles and the other one without.

And here is the screenshot.