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I tried this, but i have a issue.
Install all, added one mod, try to run the FIFA 20, the origin is started (&logged in), but the game wasn't started. In the Task Manager i see fthe FIFA 20 is started, and after a few second close the FIFA 20 exe process. No error message, nothing any message or any errors, just exit the game.
The FIFA is original version, with WIN7eng 64bit.

What is the cure?

Thanks for help.
Mee too.Who can solve this problem ?


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Is it possible to increase the bench to 9 players in career for the bundesliga somehow?

Yes, some mods have long benches, I think it can be achieved by modifying something in the database or in the squadfile, maybe if someone could tell us what to change


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Also, does anyone know a mod that lets me edit players rain/winter shirts? I hate that EA still didn't include that in the editor...


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Could someone explain me or show me how to put a competition like the Saudi division to a second division in an other country, like the EEP kod with a 4th German league. I would like to make a small dutch second division in FIFA but i have no idea how to put a league as second division.


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hi. is there a way to edit competitions? i mean for example: FA Cup final to be disputed in 2 legs. like spains super cup


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I have another issue, Frosty works, the manager too with some mods, the launch starting works. But when I edit In editor I can't see the preview in 3d..why?thanks


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Hello anyone. Is there a way to get the new and latest Frosty Tool Manager and Frosty Editor Yesterday i did try to be a Patron for beta edition on GalaxyMan2015 Patreon, but then i have noticed that he not more accepting any new patrons and that his patreon will be shutdown on 1st February. So therefore i couldn't get the new Frosty Mod Manager and Frosty Editor. I also have tried to contact him via Twitter and Discord, but it seems that he never go Online. So can anyone help how to get the new Frosty? Or did someone has Galaxy Man's email?


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frosty editor no longer works after the latest fifa update. so dont update the game until the next version of frosty is released!!!
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