Game Has Become Slow :(


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I do not know way but my game has become very slow :( .
I have tried installing a clean copy but still the game works slow.
While you play the match th game freezes for a second and then continues. Not even if you change Screen resolution, Detail, level, 3d grass, etc
till kick off the game works fasts after that it lags a loooooooooot :(

My pc Config.
P4 2.66 ghz
nvidia 9400 gt (1gb)
ram- 756 mb

what should i do?
Please Help me :)


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Recheck the properties of your computer and see if everything's working OK, Install TuneUp Utilities 2009 from (Click on "Mirror")... After installation, click on start, go to programs list and look for TuneUp Utilities 2009 --> Utilities --> TuneUp StartUp Manager... There you look the programs that automatically start with windows, enable just the most often used programs! and disable the rest... Then restart and check how works...


turn off your anti virus when playing, most anti viruses are a resource hog.
then look in the task manager to see how much ram is free'd up, if its close
40 to 50% google ram cleaner to empty the ram cache.


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that coould be created by an unwanted proceed that could be erased by Tuneup's Startup Manager ;)