Generic GK kits


Starting XI
Yeah Sundsvall it would be great that you could post some generic kits made by you mate...

Pede I was looking for pics and I could not find any "Legea" or "Asics" goalkepper jerseys mate...


Team Captain
OK Alex....... :ewan: even if the kits are the same but a different colour than mine then thats good mate..... :)


Reserve Team
Ohhhhh, my god, is work Pede.....:shades:
is nice kit:|....
you can made someone Astore kit for example Real Sociedad Kit:clapwap:


Senior Squad
gr8 work pete and alex (Y) i've been using most of these gk kits in my game. awesome Vilafranquence kit's my fav. :p


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Can you make also this Jako Gk Kits?



Starting XI
Pede I know that you might be busy but i would like ask you make this kits.

kitmaker: GALEX

Thanks in advance Pede!!!!!!!