GET IT STR8........REAL and FAKE


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ok this is about ppl tlaking about how fake fifa street is how the ball sticks to players feet and all that stuff well get this str8

EA - real games

EA BIG - games turned fun and fake

well thuis si how the game is supposed to be EA BIG games are supposed to be fake in nba street you fly and nfl street you jump off walls and do other crazy stuff and also in nba street the ball sticks to your hands but it can be stolen easily so in fifa street the ball sticks to your feet but can be stolen easily also the moves are CRAZY so get it right


so if you dont lik unrealistic get used to it cuz thats how EA BIG rolls i personally find it fun cuz wen ur playin that fast paced street soccer u wanna do everythin lik tricks and not worry about losing the ball to easily u feel me.......................its just pure fun no brains are required in EA BIG games i personally lik them better then EA i find the fakness to be fun sumtimes:)


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Originally posted by leafer01
EA - Real games? you are kidding, right?
if its real or not thats a matter of oppinion.

what he most likely means is that its REAL-ER than EA BIG.

and yeah i agree with you. dman NFL Street 2 rocks, like the first one!


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Well yea plain and simple, I like playing games that are fun and that are real aswell. its like a video game to me is to take me away from real world problems and stresses, now if I have to play a game and think about "oh is this game real" and if it isnt then its stressing me out so why even bother. EA Bog is supposed to be an over the top, arcade/simulation game in my opinion, look at SSX 3 and well the SSX series period, you can do outrages (sp) moves and I know in SSX3 you could customize your characters. In NBA Street V3 you have an over the top super combo games that you can also create your own court etc.. Its just a game for fun. Now me personally I could care less if FIFA Street isnt totally "Real" because its the fun aspect fo the game you should be worried about.

I just hate people b*tching about how a game isnt "real" NO GAME IS REAL!

If you want real soccer/football, go grab a ball, get a few friends and play real football or street ball, etc.. please just stop your crying.


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yeah i got NBA Street V3 and SSX 3 I have had since Fall of 03, I still play it, that's how awesome it is. And of course, I'm playing NBA Street V3, seeing as i've had it for about a week, and it is the best hoops game out there.

I'm sure FIFA Street will be just as good as the above two and I won't stop playing it until the next FIFA street comes out!