Giant game Bless Unleashed announced, coming to PS4


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After it was released on Xbox One for the first time in March this past. For the online adventure game from Bandai Namco and Neowiz, in collaboration with the developers of Round 8 Studio, the game called Bless Unleashed slot recently announced additional announcements for console gamers. The game is going to be available for testing in the Closed Beta version for the Playstation 4, with the test scheduled for August 20 - August 24, those who are interested will need to pre-register through the game's main website.
Bless Unleashed will be another big game planned to launch in many different games. The platform, in addition to the console announced this time, will also be available for the Windows PC platform as well.It will be available for purchase via the Steam store due to 2021, but the period remains unclear, but it is not expected. Mid year For this game, it was first released at Gamescom 2018, it has been over 2 years of continuous development. The game is now at its best now, it is only left to detail all bugs and problems. As much as possible before the game officially launches in the future.

For Bless Unleashed game is an Openworld style MMORPG where players will have to go on an adventure in the wide world exploring various areas. A variety of environments and of course, you will encounter many types of strong monsters ranging from little ones. Until reaching the big one Ever When starting the adventure, the game will allow players to create a character with 5 basic jobs to choose from. Each class has a different approach and play style, some are good at using magic, or some are good at melee attacks, etc. In addition, the graphics work of the Round 8 Studio development team has used Unreal Engine 4 technology in the development, resulting in beautiful realistic graphics in this era.
Looking at the overall composition, Bless Unleashed is another openworld adventure game that is very interesting, but one worrisome, if you look at the trailer, you can see that the game focuses on boss battles. main But still can't see any other content separated at all, which if it is a MMORPG game, it must have content Function in part Other than just a level-only adventure