Giggirivas Classic Patch convert 14-15


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I am nearly done lots of issues though many I cannot fix. Euro 2012 teams crash my game but i think i reached team limit.

I am finishing some mini faces and will release very very soon.

Not sure how it will work for people though and im afraid of that.


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robeskimo;3892038 said:
Euro 1960-2012


Download patch file + download latest version of moddingway Fifa 15 patch.
Select db4.0 in the MWM Selector

Open CM15
Select Patch then load.

Once you load the patch select all/replace section Create/Double Club Option put in both teams
Database player info/specific heads/minifaces remain ticked.

Once fully imported go to tools
regenerate BH

Run then ready.

Couple of issues. Euro 2012 teams having crash think reached player limit.
Players with Green faces
Bergkamp, Kluivert, F.deBoer, R. deBoer, Matthaus, Brehme, Desailly, Vieira, Figo, Sherringham, G.Neville, Sol Campbell, Owen, Nedved, Schmeichel, M.Laudrup, B.Laudrup might be a few more.

Any furhter additions/help welcome. Hope this works.

Released Enjoy


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Will this Patch have all the Classic Patch 14 tournaments?
Will we have the original rules of the 78/82/86/90/94 world cups like fifa 14?
Congratulations on the initiative, and Brazil thanks


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Not much free time at the minute no real interest in patch for Fifa15 might see about adding to 16 but again time is not something I have much of right now