Gloves Request!


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RealFan;2928441 said:
which photoshop that you use

I'm using photoshop cs4 at the moment :)

here's an update on the requests:

Adidas fingersave blue and white

in-game pic

Adidas Response black and yellow

here's the file

Adidas Response Red and white

here's the file

there are some gloves I already made so check the previous pages, I'll try to list them during the day on the first page so everyone will have easy acces to them (Y)

Nike GK Classic Gloves - White/Black/Red

the black part is a bit tricky, it looks kinda odd depending on the angle you are watching them


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more coming

I really don't like to create that many new posts but it only allows me to place 10 pics per post

Nike T90 Spyne Charcoal/Baltic Blue

here's the file

Adidas F-50 black and blue

hope you guys like them


Nike Total 90 Spyne Gloves 120 Blue/White/Black

Adidas FS cup


Adidas Response Yellow white

the file


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RedDevils86;2929567 said:
Not a request but I thought I'd show my return to glove making


they look really well done, great job (Y) any chance you can show us how to make them? I know Fifa 11 is like 3 weeks away but I'm sure a lot of people will stay with Fifa10 for a while


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